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The Big Bang Theory is a comedy series about four college scientists who know all about the world of physics, and one girl, who gives the physics world a real spin. Leonard Hofstadter is a smart guy who tries his best to complete his research and become famous for his work while also attempting to be the most socially-interacting guy in their friend group. Sheldon Cooper is one more
... of the world’s smartest men with an intellectual capacity through the roof and a language with scientific words normal people only have one comment to (“What?”). Though it’s never been said by himself, all signs throughout the show point to him having the Asperger Syndrome, making him the smartest, but also least social, group member. Howard Wolowitz is an engineer with his mind partially on science, but mostly on women. He always tries his best to impress women but usually manages to screw things up because of his overbearing personality. Rajesh Koothrappali is an Indian scientist performing experiments on black holes, outer space, life on other planets and not to mention string theory. Raj is mostly known for his Selective Mutism, in other words, his fear of speaking to women, making social interaction difficult for him. Finally, there’s Penny. Penny is the gorgeous girl next-door to Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment, and though she does not have any knowledge in physics or science, she makes success by being a funny character frequently having hilarious comments and on- and off-going relationships. All together, this unit of comedians make the show’s half-hour episodes pure enjoyment and whether you like physics, women or neither, this show is surely going to get you laughing!
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The Big Bang Theory: SEASON 9, EPISODE 9: The Platonic Permutation | TVBuzer

Aired: November 19,2015

It's Thanksgiving. Sheldon and Amy go on a lunch date to the aquarium as friends. Howard, Bernadette, Raj and Emily help out at a soup kitchen. Leonard and Penny make their first Thanksgiving dinner as a married couple.... more

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The Platonic Permutation

Happy Thanksgiving! On The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 9, the gang prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving. Leonard and Penny are hosting dinner for their first Thanksgiving as a married couple, while Sheldon and Amy go to the aquarium as friends, and everyone else volunteers at the soup kitchen. Let me start by saying that this is the kind of episode I love. Period. For starters, we're reminded of why we like Penny and Leonard as a couple. Their conversations... more

The Mystery Date Observation

Sheldon's perfect woman not only has to be smart, but she also has to be punctual. After getting his heart broken by Amy yet again, Sheldon decides it's time to find a new girlfriend on The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 8. Meanwhile, Amy goes out on a date with her mystery man again, and Penny and Bernadette decide to spy on them. This is one of the funniest episodes we've had all season. The fact that both Amy and Sheldon are now actively trying to move in (whatev... more

The Helium Insufficiency

Leonard and Sheldon make terrible criminals, don't they? On The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 6 Leonard and Sheldon have an urgent need for liquid helium, and they find themselves breaking the rules to get it. But hey, it's all in the name of science! My favorite episodes of The Big Bang Theory are nearly always the ones that focus on Leonard and Sheldon, especially if they're put in a situation where they have to solve a problem together. That's why "The Helium In... more



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The Big Bang Theory FAN COMMENTS (16)

  • Level 20
    i can't believe this show is ending!! i'm not sure i want sheldon out of my life yet!!


  • Level 2
    the big bang theory for me is the best show ever hope that they will make more seasons.


  • Level 4
    Earlier seasons were much better,the latest seems as if they have run out of ideas for story lines.


  • Level 34
    love it :D


  • Level 33
    loved it since the beginning


  • Level 20
    love it


  • Level 1
    Best Show in years.


  • Level 1
    First 3 seasons are awesome, after that is goes downhill....Its more like the Amy and Bernadette show....


  • Level 1
    I mean the episodes are too short and the waiting is WAY too long. Grammar check.


  • Level 1
    Also the episodes too soon and the waiting is just way way WAY too long. Just saying make the episodes come quicker now really.


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