The Bachelorette

Aired: Aug 07, 2017 , Monday at 20:00 on ABC

Between Seasons

Episode Summary: Rachel makes her decision as Season 13 concludes.
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Are 'Bachelorette' Stars Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Getting a TV Show?

Bachelorette star Bryan Abasolo's latest Instagram post has left fans wondering whether he and fiancee Rachel Lindsay are getting their own TV show. Abasolo shared a photo of himself with Lindsay, along with the caption "that's a wrap" with the hashtags #topsecret #staytuned #2018. [Instagram=Bca998yH0Ww] It's uncertain what Abasolo's post was about but many believe that he and Lindsay may be getting their own TV show. If  more

Former 'Bachelorette' Star Andi Dorfman: 'I Have So Many Dating Horror Stories'

Former Bachelorette star Andi Dorman may have moved on from the drama of reality TV dating but it seems that the 30-year-old still can't escape the horrors of dating, especially now that she's moved to New York. In an interview with Page Six , Dorfman revealed that dating in the Big Apple is worst than dating on TV.  "People are like 'what's crazier, dating on The Bachelorette or dating in New York City?' New York City is crazier than anythi... more

Former 'Bachelorette' Star Peter Kraus Reveals Struggle with Eating Disorder

Former Bachelorette star Peter Kraus revealed on Instagram that he suffered from an eating disorder during his early years as a model. The season 13 runner-up said he limited his diet to lose weight and suffered in silence. "At the age of 20 I had developed an eating disorder while blindly attempting to keep up with the level of fitness of my fellow models and competitors," Kraus posted on Instagram. "For two years I struggled in silence, always trying but never knowing how to ... more


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