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Aired: Mar 03, 2014 , Monday at 20:00 on ABC

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Episode Summary: Juan Pablo faces 17 of the season's bachelorettes, including Sharleen, who explains the reasons behind her conflicted feelings and her decision to leave. Another bachelorette shares details about St. Lucia; and newlyweds Sean and Catherine visit to talk about married life. Also: bloopers from the season; a look ahead to the finale.
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'The Bachelor' Family Blogs: Reactions to the Women Tell All

Before everything comes to a dramatic conclusion on The Bachelor season 19 finale, Chris Soules confronted the women he eliminated this season on the Women Tell All special, which led to several awkward moments ( just check out our recap for all the details ) and notable and funny reactions from Bachelor Nation and fans of the show (which I've gathered below).   Sean Lowe: "Can someone please support my Ashley S. for Bachelorette campa... more

'The Bachelor: The Women Tell All' Recap: The Claws Come Out as Kaitlyn and Jade Want Answers

Chris Soules is down to his final two in season 19 of The Bachelor, and it's the wholesome virgin versus the wholesome baby maker in what easily goes down as the most family-friendly (and, thus, lamest) finale in show history. So uncontroversial are Prince Farming's remaining women that the biggest concern is whether either of them could acclimate into his equally boring lifestyle. The crucial question is this: would you give up your friends, family, career and every leisu... more

'The Bachelorette' Interview: J.P. and Ashley on Bigger Fears and Chris Soules' Choice

Even with the challenges of new parenthood--lost sleep, teething--it's clear The Bachelorette's J.P. and Ashley Rosenbaum lead a charmed life.  Case in point: The excellent timing of their decision last summer to move from the Northeast to Florida, which has allowed them to miss the record-setting snows. A Ford in Their Future -- and Their Present The couple spoke to me this week from their Florida home on what Ashley described as "a beautiful Miami day!" Five-month-old Fordham Rhys Rosenbaum sat in... more


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