The Bachelor

Aired: Mar 03, 2014 , Monday at 20:00 on ABC

Between Seasons

Episode Summary: Juan Pablo faces 17 of the season's bachelorettes, including Sharleen, who explains the reasons behind her conflicted feelings and her decision to leave. Another bachelorette shares details about St. Lucia; and newlyweds Sean and Catherine visit to talk about married life. Also: bloopers from the season; a look ahead to the finale.
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[Video] 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 2 Kicks Off with Wedding

If you've been following news and updates on Bachelor in Paradise, you probably already know that there's going to be a wedding in the season 2 premiere. However, it turns out the cast of the Bachelor spinoff series had no idea that Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul will be tying the knot on the first day of taping. In the preview clip, which was first released by more

'The Bachelorette' Season 11 Finale Recap: Who Does Kaitlyn Choose?

It always seems like it sneaks up on us, but it's time for yet another televised quest for love to reach its inevitable conclusion on The Bachelorette. And this marks the 30th occasion in franchise history that one man or woman has had to choose between his or her final two suitors with only slightly varying results, only this finale looks roughly one-third similar to the last time a lady was calling the shots (despite Shawn's best efforts to be in control). Yes, for the second straig... more

'The Bachelorette' Season 11 Finale Prediction: Who Will Kaitlyn Choose?

Just before Bachelorette Kaitlyn dumped Ben H. (big mistake), she said her heart was beating out of her chest. With the distracting and deeply plunging neckline on her gown, I was more concerned about a boob popping out of her dress. Indecent exposure aside, the most priceless moment in Bachelorette history has to be after Kaitlyn took her leave of the final two: Nick and Shawn B. The two guys chugged their champagne and failed to make eye contact or interact in any way. The "nomance"... more


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