The Amazing Race

Aired: May 18, 2017 , Wednesday at 21:00 on CBS

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Episode Summary: An extreme fear of heights paralyzes one Racer at a Roadblock when faced with bungee jumping 240 feet from a bridge into the Corinth Canal.
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'The Amazing Race' Partner Swap Was a Beautiful Disaster

The Amazing Race has never been a series known for big twists. There are occasional season-long gimmicks but typically the race remains the same year to year. Teams travel across the world competing in Roadblocks, Detours and sometimes Speed Bumps. Yet in season 30 two major twists have been introduced in the middle of the race. The first was the Head-to-Head and then, most recently, the Partner Swap, which saw the teams of two trade partners with another pair. While the Partner Swap wasn&#... more

Why Jessica and Cody Could Be the Best 'Big Brother' Team Ever on 'The Amazing Race'

It doesn't happen as commonly as some fans might think but The Amazing Race has been host to a few teams from other CBS reality shows. The most frequent cross-pollination has been with Big Brother. A couple relationships born on Big Brother have carried over to the famous race around the world.  Big Brother 19' more

The Head-to-Head Is a Brilliant Twist to 'The Amazing Race'

The Amazing Race has run for a remarkable 30 seasons. In that long time, The Race hasn't changed too much, both in format and rules. The game is largely the same in season 30 as it was in season 1. This is what made it rather surprising when The Amazing Race introduced a brand-new twist in the second episode of season 30, the Head-to-Head. The Head-to-H... more


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