The Amazing Race

Aired: Apr 20, 2017 , Thursday at 22:00 on CBS

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Episode Summary: A previously played U-turn causes friction between two teams in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
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Is the Constant Bickering Making 'The Amazing Race' a Drag or a Delight?

With almost 30 seasons completed,  The Amazing Race has tried many gimmicks. One of its most shameful, though, was season 26, when it tried to convince viewers that it was secretly a dating show. Season 26 was filled with complete strangers who were matched together by producers based on their "romantic compatibility." It was a complete mess and a boring season to boot but for season 29 The Amazing Race brought bac... more

Who's the Bigger Villain on 'The Amazing Race' Season 29?

The Amazing Race isn't a reality show viewers typically associate with having a villain. The biggest obstacle for the various teams in their journey across the globe is more the world itself or the challenges created by the show. There have been unlikable teams during The Amazing Race, like Big Brother transplants Brendon and Rachel or season... more

Who Will Win 'The Amazing Race' Season 29?

When the teams finally get around to picking their partners for The Amazing Race, who are total strangers, things can get awkward in a hurry. I didn't expect there to be drama right away between some team members on the easy first Detour and frantic race to reach host Phil Keoghan. This season is going to be crazy! So, which teams have what it takes to clinch the win, and that million-dollar payday? Let's look at ho... more


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