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Aired: Jan 10, 2017 , Tuesday at 21:00 on MTV

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Episode Summary: Scott and Liam make an attempt to capture a Ghost Rider; Malia and Peter try to find a way into the Wild Hunt.
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Theo or Peter? We know it's lose-lose.  On Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 7, Theo's return did not get joyous applause from Scott and Malia, thankfully. Malia reacted violently, as was expected, while Scott tried to get Liam to see the error in his ways. If Scott and/or Malia did not immediately object to Theo's return, it would not have felt right. Theo coming back is not something that can be shrugged off because Theo hurt the pack badly. He almost tore them a... more

Can Theo Be Trusted to Help Fight the Wild Hunt?

Last time on Teen Wolf, Liam made the mother of all bad decisions (an impressive feat on this particular show) when he brought Theo back from Hell. Now Theo is back and Stiles is still stuck in the train station from hell, which is the worst trade imaginable. Thankfully, in this episode, titled "Heartless," Theo's escape and Liam's idiocy are the big plot points. They just quickly give way to much larger problems. Finally, Teen Wolf's final season is ramping up in the action and things are about to ge... more



'Teen Wolf' Final Season Sneak Peek: Why Are Hunters After Scott Again?

The second half of Teen Wolf season 6 is without a premiere date. While MTV is reportedly planning to run the final stretch of episodes sometime this summer, nothing has been announced yet. However on Sunday a sneak peek was released of Teen Wolf's final season on MTV's YouTube page. The sneak peek definitely drops fans directly in the middle of the action but there are enough hints to form a small picture of how the series w... more

'Teen Wolf' Midseason Premiere Teasers: Is Scott Ready to Face His Toughest and Scariest Foe?

Teen Wolf is saving the best villain for last. And by best, I mean fans should buckle down for a climactic battle against Beacon Hills' most terrifying baddie to date. Graduation has come and gone for Scott McCall's (Tyler Posey) supernatural pals, and the True Alpha is going through a few growing pains. Lydia's headed for MIT, Stiles is prepping for a career with the FBI, and Scott ... well, Scott might not be able to leave Beacon Hills behind. Writer Will Wallace previewed the ... more

A Time Jump and a 'Disgusting' New Threat Coming to the Final Season of 'Teen Wolf'

"Riders on the Storm" might have felt like the series finale but there is a lot more Teen Wolf to go before things finally wrap up. Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis  talked to TVLine about what is in store for the final season, including hints about the villain, when the season will take place and who might be coming back and why they are returning. It's not that odd for more


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