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Aired: Aug 06, 2017 , Sunday at 20:00 on MTV

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Episode Summary: Scott and Malia search for the owner of a bullet, worried that a new werewolf hunter has come to Beacon Hills; Lydia must face her fears of Eichen House.
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Can Scott Find Out Who Killed the Hellhound?

The summer premiere of Teen Wolf season 6 wasn't exactly jam-packed. "Said the Spider to the Fly" was more of a prologue to this half-season, with far too much of Liam and his crew to be truly exciting. This episode, titled "Raw Talent," doesn't fix all the problems presented in the summer premiere. Teen Wolf still seems to think Liam being a moody brat is somehow an interesting story, but the rest of the plot starts to move in the right direction. This is important since there are only a handful of e... more

Raw Talent

I never thought I would actually feel sorry for Theo. On Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 12, Theo's a little down on his luck. Due to his lack of pack, friends, and family, he had resorted to sleeping in his car. Theo's completely alone, and instead of feeling happy that Theo's so miserable, I feel sorry for him. Strange. Look, Theo has never been my favorite person. At his best, I find him somewhat tolerable, and I enjoy his sarcastic quips. He's been an annoyance, and he s... more



'Teen Wolf' Poll: Is Scalia a Good Idea?

Teen Wolf is coming to an end but the show isn't all about goodbyes in its final episodes. There are also some beginnings on the horizon. After being teased in trailers and pre-season interviews, "After Images" finally made it (sort of) official: there is something between Scott and Malia. Though  the (literal) steamy shower scene from the trailer hasn't happened yet, Scott and Malia are on their way to becoming a real couple with Scott confirming he has ... more

Tyler Posey Teases a Crazy Ending in His 'Teen Wolf' Directorial Debut

Playing Scott McCall for six season of Teen Wolf wasn't always easy, but now Tyler Posey is taking on perhaps his biggest challenge yet: directing. Posey will be directing episode 13 of season 6, titled "After Images," and like most episodes of Teen Wolf, the ending is going to leave fans in shock. "When I got an episode I knew that in typical more

Is 'Teen Wolf' Spending Too Much Time on Liam's Emotional Stability?

 Teen Wolf is reaching its end and the MTV show is looping back on itself. Scott preparing for his final fight isn't all that different from him facing his first real challenge. Scott started off being hunted by hunters and now he is ending his story the same way. Rather than feel repetitive though, this symmetry has given the series a satisfying full circle feel. There is one old storyline that is being revisited that is far from a welcome blast to the past. Nearly everything going on with Liam and his emotional turmoil has been an examp... more


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