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Aired: Jan 13, 2014 , Monday at 22:00 on MTV

Between Seasons

Episode Summary: An unlikely ally offers to help Derek and Peter.
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More Bad Than Good

A man tortures Peter and Derek and asks where something is. Neither of them know what it is he wants though. The torturer says they aren't savages and another man approaches with a chainsaw. A woman walks in from another room and speaks Spanish to them. She says Derek knows that they want the shewolf. He claims not to know any and she threatens to cut Peter. She cuts off one of his fingers when he doesn't know the location. Scott and Stiles run into each other in the forest. They both think they'... more

Testing the Limits

While the were-coyote got closer and closer to danger on Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 14, Scott, Allison and Stiles pushed themselves to their limits to be the heroes their friends know them to be. And, perhaps, close the doors that are still open in their minds in the process. How many were-animals are we going to run into this season? The Kitsune myth is supposed to be a were-fox, and Melia was a were-coyote. Who knew there were so many? My sister has half Yorkshire Terrier half Toy Fox... more

Scott, Stiles and Allison Face Their Demons

This week on Teen Wolf, Scott and the gang work together to save Malia from her trap-happy father. Meanwhile, Stiles learns to read again, Isaac gnaws himself out of a trap 127 Hours-style while still managing to be a great boyfriend and things remain complicated for Derek and Peter."While this week's episode is more action-oriented than the premiere, it continues the trend of diving deep into the main trio's new emotional scars. Scott can't transform, Allison can't shoot and Stiles can't read. ... more



[VIDEO] 'Teen Wolf': Meet the New Villains of Season 5

At the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, MTV released its first teaser for the highly anticipated fifth season of Teen Wolf . Since season 4 drew to a close in September of 2014, fans have been eagerly awaiting the slightest glimpse at the new season, which premieres on June 29. While there was no hints at answers to the mysteries from last season, we were instead introduced to a whole new batch of problems. In this creepy teaser that flashes quick, spine-chilling cuts of the characters, screams... more

'Criminal Minds' Recap: Taking the Legend of Mirror Man Too Far

The Internet is a dangerous place, as Criminal Minds reminds everyone with this week's episode, "Hashtag." Once something is out there, it's out there forever, and the more risquĩ the post, the more likes, retweets and followers it and a person can get. What better way to try to gain fame than to use that? I can't help but think of Supernatural's "Thinman" from last season while watching this episode. One person makes up a legend, and someone else takes t... more

'Teen Wolf' Season 4 Finale Recap: Scott and Peter Finally Face Off

This week on the season finale of Teen Wolf Peter's unnecessarily complex evil plan is uncovered, Scott rises to the true alpha occasion, and Derek briefly dies, so basically it's a normal day for Derek. The finale is exciting and action-packed, full of well-choreographed fight sequences and even some nice character moments. It's an action-packed finale, and yet the actual story feels a little thin.  The story is thus: Peter weasels his way into going on the Scott re... more


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