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Written by and starring acclaimed comedy troupe The Katydids, Teachers shows their hilariously warped perspective as six elementary school teachers trying to mold young minds, even though their own lives aren’t really together.
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Teachers (2016) Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Teachers (2016) Episode Guide


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AIRED ON January 16,2018

Season 2: Episode 20

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      Teachers (2016) Season 2 Episode 20: Labor Pains | TVBuzer
      Labor Pains
      Episode 20
      After Mrs. Adler announces she's pregnant, we're taken back in time to the 1940s, where the women of Fillmore fight for better treatment at ...
    • 01/09/18
      Ms. Watson and Principal Pearson struggle with balancing their new romantic relationship at work. Ms. Feldman takes April Fools' Day too far...
    • 01/02/18
      Frank and Principal Pearson start reviewing security camera footage to try and figure out who is stealing cleaning products from a supply cl...
    • Third Wheel
      Episode 17
      Ms. Snap and Ms. Bennigan's relationship is tested when Ms. Bennigan and Hot Dad become official. Ms. Feldman and Mrs. Adler go on the hunt ...
    • Let It Flow
      Episode 16
      Ms. Cannon discovers that one of her students is an artistic prodigy. Mrs. Adler and Ms. Watson take the mini-society competition to a new l...
    • Hot Date
      Episode 15
      Ms. Bennigan decides to ask Hot Dad out during a chicken pox epidemic at the school. Ms. Snap discovers she has a gender bias....
    • 11/28/17
      When the Wi-Fi goes out, Ms. Snap is forced to go into the forgotten and seemingly haunted library in order to get a book. Ms. Watson has a ...
    • Dire Straights
      Episode 13
      Ms. Feldman struggles between her budding romance with Fillmore's new anti-drug officer and her love of marijuana. Ms. Watson becomes addict...
    • 11/14/17
      A trip to the gynecologist sends Ms. Watson and her ticking biological clock into a tailspin, while Ms. Cannon and Ms. Snap prepare for the ...
    • Dosey Don't
      Episode 11
      Ms. Bennigan is worried that Hot Dad is back together with his ex-wife. Meanwhile, Ms. Snap uses the school dance to impress a famous radio ...
    • 03/21/17
      Ms. Snap changes the school lunch menu while Ms. Feldman starts an underground junk food ring; Hot Dad volunteers for lunch duty and Ms. Ben...
    • In Security
      Episode 9
      Mrs. Adler coaches kickball and Principal Pearson discovers the teachers' skeletons in the janitor's closet after reviewing security footage...
    • 03/07/17
      When a tornado touches down near Fillmore, procedures go out the window as the teachers panic. Horrified by their negligence, Principal Pear...
    • 02/28/17
      Ms. Snap struggles with the idea of turning 31 and tries to regain her youth. Ms. Bennigan offers to baby-sit Blake for Hot Dad. the teacher...
    • 02/21/17
      Ms. Feldman can't make ends meet on her salary and takes a second job. Ms. Watson notices a romantic spark between two of her second grade s...
    • 02/14/17
      Ms. Snap decides to run for School Council and is thrown into a world of double standards. Ms. Bennigan, Mrs. Adler, Ms. Feldman, and Ms. Ca...
    • Held Back
      Episode 4
      Ms. Bennigan learns Hot Dad's son has to repeat second grade. Ms. Snap brings her dog to school as a therapy dog. when Ms. Feldman has to te...
    • 01/31/17
      Mrs. Adler moves into a tiny house with her husband. Ms. Cannon's jewelry shop goes under and Ms. Watson and Ms. Snap try to boost her spiri...
    • 01/24/17
      New security is hired after a trespasser hits Fillmore. A "Women Empowering Women" workshop is held by Ms. Snap and Ms. Bennigan. Mrs. Adler...
    • 01/17/17
      Ms. Watson tries a premium online dating service; Ms. Snap learns she's teaching the worst group of kids in the school; Mrs. Alder is assign...
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