Aired: Apr 18, 2018 , Wednesday at 20:00 on CBS

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Episode Summary: A classic Survivor eating challenge is back, and individual immunity is on the line.
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Did Angela Just Emerge as the Dark Horse of 'Survivor: Ghost Island'?

The merge episode of Survivor: Ghost Island didn't play out in the usual way. The merge usually is about highlighting the biggest players of the season and showing off the real threats starting to emerge. Instead the merge was all about the final showdown between Domenick and Chris, which Chris lost. Yet with Chris out of the way, Survivor: Ghost Island was able to open up in the second post-merge episode. Lavita finally felt like a merged tribe and the season gave way to a surprising new power player, Angela. The more

'Survivor: Ghost Island': Who Was Voted Off in "The Sea Slug Slugger"?

In the last episode of  Survivor: Ghost Island, Chris was voted out, making him the first member of the jury. Kellyn, on the other hand, won the first individual immunity challenge. With only 12 castaways remaining, three hidden immunity idols in play (with Domenick, Wendell and Michael) and one special power (Kellyn's vote stealer), we head into the highly anticipated food challenge in "The Sea Slug Slugger." But first it's time for the reward challenge called "Gone Shootin," where the 12 castaways are divided into two teams of si... more

Will the 'Survivor: Ghost Island' Players Regret Voting out Bradley?

The Naviti tribe delivered a big victory for the sanity of Survivor: Ghost Island viewers by voting out Bradley. Since the very start of Ghost Island, Bradley has been obnoxiously overconfident. Yet right before the merge, Nativti blindsided Bradley, tired of his bossiness and overall unlikability. It's impossible to mourn Bradley's "loss" but getting rid of him might not have been the best strategic move for his (former) allies. A Useful, Arrogant Idiot It's hard to blame Domenick and Chelsea for t... more


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