Aired: Mar 22, 2017 , Wednesday at 20:00 on CBS

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Episode Summary: A dramatic twist in the game sends shockwaves through the tribes. Also, castaways are flying blind at a classic immunity challenge.
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Could Sandra Win 'Survivor' for a Third Time?

Before Survivor: Game Changers began it seemed like a no-brainer. Sandra is the only player in Survivor history to play twice and win twice. Sandra titles herself the Queen of Survivor and with her track record it is hard to deny that fact. It's also hard to deny Sandra should have been gone the second her tribe ended up in Tribal Council, yet it didn't happen. In the two-hour Game Changers premiere Sandra survived two... more

Jeff Probst Reveals Why Some 'Survivor' Castaways Were Asked Back and Others Were Not

Survivor: Game Changers is back for another round but some viewers might not see their favorites on the iconic reality show. Longtime host Jeff Probst has revealed why some contestants were invited back this season and others were not for season 34 of the show (the season premiere marked the 500th episode as well). People caught up with Probst and he got pretty candid about the selection of the cast for the new episodes. Why... more

Is the Mana Tribe Playing Too Hard on 'Survivor: Game Changers'?

When Survivor has a cast of all-star returning players fans know the gameplay is going to be aggressive from the start. There is none of the usual time spent figuring out how to survive in the elements or who is going to make fire in the first few episodes. The castaways have been here before and they know what they're doing on that front. It is all about the scheming and it's a ton of fun.  Yet even in a season subtitled Game Changers, the Mana tribe went overboard in the seas... more


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