Aired: Dec 04, 2013 , Wednesday at 20:00 on CBS

Between Seasons

Episode Summary: Castaways try to find balance at a frustrating Immunity Challenge and a ruthless game of tug of war leads to an incredibly rare Tribal Council.
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Never Go Down Without a Fight

Hayden is obviously none too happy that he and Caleb's plan to blindside Ciera last week did not go as planned. And to show his displeasure, he tells everyone back at camp that he hopes they all like coming in second place, because no one can beat Tyson if he gets to the end. "Now if Gervase had half a brain in his head, he'd pipe down and let Tyson take all of the heat. But no, he's eager to prove how "in control" he is, and how Tyson would never have made it this far without him. Geeze. Tyson d... more



'Survivor' Just Introduced Its Best Twist in Years

Though by and large Survivor has stayed the same since the very first season, new twists and rules are added nearly all the time. It's been awhile however that a twist has had any great lasting power on the game. The hidden Immunity Idol was the last time a twist had a real meaning and even that comes with its own set of problems . In the season finale of Survivor: Kaoh Rong a new twist was introduced and if more

[WATCH] 'Survivor' Season 33 Pits Millennials Against Gen X

Survivor took fans on quite the ride for season 32, Kaoh Rong. There were plenty of blindsides, medical evacuations left and right, and a final twist that left everyone stunned when a jury member was voted out. At the end of it all, Michele won the $1 million grand prize and the title of Sole Survivor (though whether she actually deserved it is up for debate). But now it's time to look forward and see what Jeff Probst h... more

Why Michele Deserved to Win 'Survivor: Kaoh Rong'

She might not have been the most expected winner. She might not be the most likable winner in Survivor history. Yet Michele Fitzgerald, the 24 year old bartender from New Jersey, won the million dollar prize on Survivor: Kaoh Rong.  To put it mildly, fans are not as excited as Michele. Many feel that Aubry was completely robbed of the victory she rightfully deserved. While those fans aren't totally wrong, they're also mistaken to say Michele didn't deserve to win. ... more


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