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Episode Summary: Another castaway is voted out of the game.
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Never Go Down Without a Fight

Hayden is obviously none too happy that he and Caleb's plan to blindside Ciera last week did not go as planned. And to show his displeasure, he tells everyone back at camp that he hopes they all like coming in second place, because no one can beat Tyson if he gets to the end. "Now if Gervase had half a brain in his head, he'd pipe down and let Tyson take all of the heat. But no, he's eager to prove how "in control" he is, and how Tyson would never have made it this far without him. Geeze. Tyson d... more



'Survivor: San Juan del Sur' Recap: Hunahpu Pays a Steep Price for More Rice

Last week, the two tribes swapped, leaving the new members of Hunahpu at a disadvantage since the previous members failed to responsibly ration their rice. Tonight, we'll see what they have to give up in order to get more to eat. A Steep Price to Pay After Tribal, Dale is upset that he had two strangers "slaughter his daughter in front of his eyes." He also says that it's the roughest thing he's had to see his daughter go through. Um... earth to Dale. This is more

'Survivor: San Juan del Sur' Recap: A Tribal Switch Pits Couples Against Singles

Last week, yet another Survivor contestant sealed his own fate by throwing a challenge. Drew was so Survivor dumb that he probably couldn't even spell "challenge," but his brother Alec lives to fight another day in the game. When they get back from their first Tribal Council, Hunahpu is still reeling. Drew knows he's an outsider so he tries to do some damage control He tells his tribe that if they had let him know their plan he would have voted with them. Jeremy's calling it "Jon's Apology Tour" and sees rig... more

'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Touring the Temptation Tent

On this episode of The Biggest Loser, the contestants will face temptations! Also, Scott will talk about his feelings. But first, let's see Bob surprise Matt at Comeback Canyon! I'll admit, I can never get tired of Bob happily announcing "this is my house here." Does Bob sleep, eat, and shower at Comeback Canyon? Does he get his mail delivered there? Matt is amped that Mike will be his competitor, since as we all kn... more


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