Aired: Dec 04, 2013 , Wednesday at 20:00 on CBS

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Episode Summary: Another castaway is voted out of the game.
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Never Go Down Without a Fight

Hayden is obviously none too happy that he and Caleb's plan to blindside Ciera last week did not go as planned. And to show his displeasure, he tells everyone back at camp that he hopes they all like coming in second place, because no one can beat Tyson if he gets to the end. "Now if Gervase had half a brain in his head, he'd pipe down and let Tyson take all of the heat. But no, he's eager to prove how "in control" he is, and how Tyson would never have made it this far without him. Geeze. Tyson d... more



'Survior: Worlds Apart' Season Premiere Recap: The 30th Season Starts Off With a New Twist

It's the 30th Season of Survivor, if you can believe it. There's been 29 winners, $29 million in grand prizes and countless immunity challenges and tribal councils. Each season has managed to have its own unique spin, mostly because of the combinations of the people who play one of reality TV's original games. For the 30th season, we're going to experience things a little differently with Survivor: Worlds Apart. The tribes will be divided into people from white collar, blue collar and no collar backgrounds t... more

[Video] 'Survivor: Worlds Apart' Preview: New Cast, New Twist

Survivor celebrates its 30th season with a brand new theme, all-new players, a mystery twist and a special three-hour premiere episode. The new season is dubbed as "Worlds Apart," pitting different sections of society: White Collars versus Blue Collars versus No Collars. According to host Jeff Probst, "White Collars tend to make the rules, Blue Collars tend to follow the rules, and No Collars tend to break the rules." And yes, these... more

What Show Should CBS Air After the Super Bowl in 2016?

The dust has barely settled in Super Bowl 49, but it's never too early to look to the future. Next year the NFL will celebrate its 50th Super Bowl, which CBS will air Sunday, February 7, 2016. I'll let football fans debate which teams will compete, but I prefer to think about what show CBS will air after the big game. CBS has aired the Super Bowl five times in the last 15 years. Twice it went with scripted procedural dramas ( Elementary and more


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