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Episode Summary: Castiel is reunited with Jack and together with Sam and Dean, they head to a sleepy old western town to investigate a murder. Dean gets to live out his boyhood fantasy when he comes face to face with a famous, gun-slinging outlaw.
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It's like a modern Western on Supernatural Season 13 Episode 6, "Tombstone."  Picking up at Sam, Dean and Castiel's reunion, Cas explains how it was that he was brought back from the dead.  I annoyed an ancient cosmic being so much that he sent me back. Castiel Permalink: I annoyed an ancient cosmic being so much that he sent me back. It's nice that Jack g... more

Jack Makes a Tragic Mistake

Things are looking up on Supernatural. Castiel has reunited with the Winchesters and Jack and the team gets a case that involves Old West cowboys, which is basically Dean's ultimate fantasy. So of course something terrible has to happen. "Tombstone" may focus on Dean reuniting with Cas and playing dress up, but it's actually all about Jack. Cas believes that Jack can be good, but after a tragic and fatal mistake, Jack isn't so sure. The spawn of Satan might be starting to head down the road to t... more



[WATCH] 'Supernatural' Teaser: Is God Back?

Supernatural is about to return for the second half of season 13 on Thursday, January 18 at 8/7c on the CW, and the show's post-production team is offering a quick glimpse at what's to come. They released a new teaser trailer with scenes from upcoming episodes, though it all moves by very quickly. There are a lot of snippets of action and craziness in the mix, including some pretty major moments. The trailer, titled "Siamo Tornait" (which is Italian for "We'... more

'Supernatural' Interview: Briana Buckmaster Teases Wayward Sisters are 'Their Own Heroes'

Donna is back on Supernatural! When the show returns in its winter premiere, "Wayward Sisters," the Winchester brothers are missing in another realm. Donna Mills will gather a formidable team, including Donna, to find and rescue them.  TVBuz spoke with Briana Buckmaster (Donna) with a group of reporters on the show's set in Vancouver about her involvement in the backdoor pilot episode for Wayward Sisters, as well as, her guest appearance on a later more

[WATCH] 'Supernatural' Trailer: Can Claire Save the Winchesters?

Supernatural returns from its winter break on Thursday, January 18 at 8/7c on the CW, and when it does the women will take center stage. "Wayward Sisters" will serve as a backdoor pilot for a potential new spin-off centered on Sheriff Jody Mills and her sisterhood of female Hunters. In the new extended trailer, it's Claire Novak, the daughter of Castiel's vessel who was taken in by Jody, who gets to be the real star. She provides the narration about how monsters are real an... more


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