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Episode Summary: Sam and Dean investigate a missing person's case in a small town. The lead witness tells the Winchesters the attacker was a man with the head of a goat. Sam and Dean aren't sure what to believe but when the witness goes missing they realize the town is hiding a dark secret.
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The Memory Remains

After the mess that was Supernatural Season 12 Episode 17, my enthusiasm for Supernatural Season 12 Episode 18 wasn't high. That said, "The Memory Remains" was a pretty cut and dry case of the week with that old school Supernatural feel. And for the most part it was an engaging one. Unfortunately, it also added to the reasons why the British Men of Letters hasn't been working out. There's just something so off-putting about the shiny, high-tech, we-have-super-... more

Sam and Dean vs. the Goat Dude

After several episodes of Supernatural involving the big storylines for the season, namely Lucifer's baby and the British Men of Letters, the Winchesters get back to basics in "The Memory Remains." Of course for Sam and Dean, the basics involve fighting a god. It's a fun and simple monster of the week that involves fighting a goat dude while, back at the Bunker, Mr. Ketch begins his plan to take out Sam and Dean.The Hunt for Black BillSam and Dean get a case from "Mick Davi... more



How Will Castiel Return on 'Supernatural'?

Castiel is dead on Supernatural. Lucifer killed him in the season 12 finale and when season 13 began, the Winchesters burned his body after Chuck/God refused to intervene. But we all know that Cas isn't really gone for good and that Misha Collins will be back. The question is, how? Here are my four top theories as to how Cas will return to Supernatural more

Can the Son of Satan Ever Be a Hero on 'Supernatural'?

The Supernatural season 12 finale delivered a lot of shocking moments. There were deaths of major characters and the introduction of a completely new reality but (most importantly) the son of Satan was born.  This last development was the driving force for much of the season 13 premiere, "Lost and Found." As Sam and Dean met Lucifer's son, Jack, two opposing theories about him began to form. As with every Supernatu... more

[WATCH] 'Supernatural' Star Jared Padalecki Talks Kids and Latin on 'Kimmel'

It's a big week for the cast of Supernatural. Season 13 premiered, the stars landed the cover of Entertainment Weekly and, on Thursday night, Jared Padalecki appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The interview kicked off with Jared discussing his time on Supernatural... more


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