Super Human Challenge

Aired: Feb 13, 2013 , Wednesday at 17:45 on Cbbc

New Series

Episode Summary: Tim meets Andy Green, holder of the world land speed record; a man who can endure powerful G-Forces whilst driving cars faster than speeding bullets and who can perform stomach churning stunts, in the air! But does Andy's extraordinary ability to withstand G-Force make him a real life Superman? Tim challenges Andy to three super tests in order to prove, or d more
...isprove, these supersonic, super human powers. Can Tim survive a head spinning centrifuge; a drive around Silverstone Racetrack wearing a blindfold or stand a stomach churning loop the loop in a stunt plane? This is exactly as dangerous as it sounds, so Tim uses state of the art technology, real medical science and his very own Mission Doctor as he prepares for his challenges. Is Andy Green a real life Superman? Be prepared to be amazed by Super Human Challenge!
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