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Episode Summary: A persistent attorney goes after one of Harvey's clients; Mike is faced with a difficult decision; former name partner Charles Van Dyke returns with revenge on his mind.
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To Stay or to Go

Mike has struggled with the limits that he faces as a lawyer on Suits. He's living a lie and the job as an investment banker would be a good use of his abilities, while allowing him to live and work without fear of being discovered as a fraud. In "Know When to Fold'em," who will fold'em and who will stand strong? Mike's not the only one with an important decision to make. To Stay or to Go?Mike was offered an incredible job as an investment ba... more

The Real Gamble

Suits rolled the dice, and came back with another winner. From Mike's struggle to make that big decision about his future with the firm to Jessica Pearson's showdown with Van Dyke, Suits Season 3 Episode 15 hit it out of the park in the second to last episode of Suits Season 3. Everything about this episode was a gamble from the get-go. Louis choosing to wallow in his post-breakup pain put Katrina in the hot-seat as she attempted to cover for him to Jessica. It seems he ... more



Best 'Suits' Quotes from 'Spain'

While Harvey continued to work to get Mike out of prison, Mike struggled in the aftermath of finding out why Kevin's there in Suits' "Spain." Also, Louis was caught in his latest move to spend time with Tara and Rachel continued to fight for Leonard Bailey, only to find out something he had been keeping from her and to get bad news. Here are the best quotes from "Spain." "Because when people start sweating, they start talking to their lawyer." more

Best 'Suits' Quotes from 'Trust'

Harvey continued to fight to get Mike out of prison early in Suits' "Trust," but it's a process, one that has its hiccups. Also, Rachel fought for her Innocence Project case and Louis enlisted Donna's help in buying a house. Here are the best quotes from "Trust." "I'm gonna kick ass for him up and down the block, and there's no law against me rooting for Mike while I'm doing that." more

'Suits': 13 Key Moments Leading up to Mike's Decision in 'Turn'

Mike had a big decision to make in Suits' "Turn," and Harvey was determined to make sure he'd take Sean's deal. With Mike refusing to turn on his cellmate, Harvey hatched a plan to give him time with Rachel, hoping that would change his mind. Here are the events leading up to Mike's decision regarding Sean's offer in "Turn." Harvey Told Mike About Sean's Offer -- and Mike Said No more


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