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Episode Summary: After an engineer ends up dead, his colleague and work rival becomes a suspect. However, upon examining some stitches, Kirsten and the team uncover that he was a part of an underground gaming club. The team must juggle saving a falling satellite while Cameron takes a walk on the wild side when he infiltrates the gaming ring to get close to another suspect.
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Has Maggie Figured Out a Way to Solve Her Ivy Problem?

The team goes to Mars for their case in this episode of Stitchers -- or at least a Mars simulation chamber. Was it his job or his time spent in abandoned warehouses playing video games that got the victim killed?Elsewhere in "The Gremlin and the Fixer," Kirsten, Cameron, Camille and Linus try to fix their relationships, to varying degrees of success. But just because a relationship seems to be back on track doesn't mean that everyone's being completely honest.Gaming Gets ViolentTheir... more

The Gremlin and the Fixer

The Stitch Team found themselves spinning their wheels once again on Stitchers Season 3 Episode 6 "The Gremlin and the Fixer." And while the case of the week had its interesting moments, it also fell victim to Stitchers Season 3's unfortunate pattern of waiting until the last two minutes to wrap up the solution in a tidy bow. Of course, that only applies to the crimes. Everyone's personal life remains a disaster. Kirsten's anger at Cameron is understandable. She truste... more



'Stitchers' Interview: EP Teases 'Dominoes Start Falling' and a 'Big Reveal' Is Coming

There have already been some bizarre cases in Stitchers season 3, and there are more to come, as executive producer Jeffrey Alan Schechter teased when discussing the rest of the season. And just because Blair is a "nonentity" at the moment doesn't mean he's no longer a concern. Read on for part 2 of TVBuz's chat with EP Schechter as he discusses the biggest challenge for Maggie this season, that device in her office, a decision Fisher has to make and a couple of cases comi... more

'Stitchers' Interview: EP Explains Why That Accidental Betrayal 'Breaks' Camsten and What Camille Has to Work On

A lot happened in Stitchers' "Paternis," so TVBuz turned to executive producer Jeffrey Alan Schechter to find out what an accidental betrayal, blackmail, the wrong words and trust in perhaps the wrong person mean for the futures of several relationships. Read on for part 1 of TVBuz's chat with Schechter as he discusses Camsten's relationship after Cameron told Maggie about Kirsten's mother, Camille's past and how it's affecting her present, if Ivy can be truste... more

[VIDEO] 'Stitchers' Season 3 Preview: Kristen's Mom Is Alive

Stitchers returns for its third season, picking up right after the season 2 finale that saw Kristen (Emma Ishta) trapped in her own stitch memory as she attempts to find her mother while her life hangs in the balance. Cameron (Kyle Harris), on the other hand, stood by her side and was trying everything to bring her back. Staying true to his word, Cameron hasn't left Kristen's side in the season 3 premiere entitled "Out of the Shadows." The team is still working on bringing her... more


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