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Episode Summary: Facebook is the ultimate weapon for Professor Chaos.
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7 Times TV Perfectly Captured Our Fear of Technology

Technology controls our lives. Whether you like it or not, we depend on it for nearly everything these days. Because of this, many people have a lot of fears about what it's capable of doing. Whether those fears are rational or irrational, it certainly doesn't help when a TV show plays to those fears by acting out exactly what we're worried about. Let's take a look at seven times a TV show has perfectly summed up what scares us about technology. 1. The Dangers of Modern Medicine, more

2016 Critics' Choice Award Nominations: 'Game of Thrones' and 'O.J. Simpson' Take the Lead

Hosted by TJ Miller ( Silicon Valley), the 22nd annual Critics' Choice Awards has released this year's nominations. Game of Thrones and The People v. OJ Simpson have taken a strong lead. In overall network nominations, HBO towers above the rest with 22. A little further behind comes Netflix, with Stranger Things and more

Top 5 TV Comedies of 2015

Choosing and ranking TV's best is a pretty challenging task. This year, expectations were high for long-running favorites as several relatively new shows exceeded expectations. And while there were some comedy veterans that did deliver, our list made plenty of room for TV comedies that don't usually get plenty of love. Here are our picks for the Top 5 Comedies of 2015: #5 The Mindy Project Underrated, unconventional and extremely funny sums up Mindy... more


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