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Aired: Aug 07, 2017 , Monday at 20:00 on FOX

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Episode Summary: After making it through the auditions and Academy rounds, the Top 10 are revealed and get to perform live for the first time on the SYTYCD stage. Each one will dance with their All-Star in hopes of impressing the judges and America.
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The Top 10 are Revealed

It is finally time to reveal the Top 10 of So You Think You Can Dance season 14. Each All-Star has just two members left on their team, and in the previous round each All-Star performed separate duets with their team members.Now it is time for each All-Star to choose who their partner will be. Did your favorite dancer earn a spot in the live shows?Get ready, dance fans. This is the So You Think You Can Dance live blog!We kick off with a group routine featuring the season 14 All-Stars. ... more



'So You Think You Can Dance' Live Blog: The Top 10 Dance and One is Eliminated

Last time on So You Think You Can Dance, the All-Stars revealed their partners, and there were some definite surprises. The duos then took to the brand-new stage for their first official performance. We have only seen the So You Think You Can Dance competitors perform once, and one is already being sent home. Wait --  I need more time to get to know these contestants! Sigh. Buckl... more

'So You Think You Can Dance' Predictions: Which Dancer Will Leave the Top 10?

So You Think You Can Dance season 14 has only just revealed its Top 10 dancers, so it seems unfair that one of those performers will be going home. Alas, the votes will be dooming one of the contestants, following the first week of performances and voting. Who is Safe? Dassy Lee: Fik-Shun chose well -- anyone dancing with the charismatic SYTYCD champ needs a lot of personality. Dassy put that on display in her fi... more

3 Reasons 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 14 has a Losing Format

So You Think You Can Dance season 14 is playing out just like last season-- except with adult contestants instead of kids. The All-Stars built their teams of four dancers at the Academy, where the brutal cuts will continue until each All-Star has just one dancer left. It is certainly understandable that So You Think You Can Dance is trying to keep things fresh and funky, on and off stage... more


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