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Aired: Jul 10, 2017 , Monday at 20:00 on FOX

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Episode Summary: The New York auditions continue as the judges search for the best dancers in the nation.
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Which Dancers Get a Second Chance in New York City?

In this episode of So You Think You Can Dance, the season 14 auditions roll on in the Big Apple. New York has a well-earned reputation of showcasing all types of dance -- from ballroom to popping and everything in between. I love how many different types of dance are represented.This is the last stop before the Academy, so the dancers are under immense pressure to grab a spot in the next round. Who will be awarded a ticket to the So You Think You Can Dance callbacks and who will get a ticket home?... more



'So You Think You Can Dance' Poll: Do You Like Vanessa Hudgens as a Judge?

It seems every few seasons So You Think You Can Dance not only has guest judges, but it also welcomes new permanent judges for the entire season. Nigel Lythgoe has been a judge throughout the series, with a rotating mix of dancers, choreographers and entertainers. And each of the judges always brings something different to the table for the contestants. Season 14 welcomes back Mary Murphy and introduces new judge and actress Vanessa Hudgens. And while I'm not a huge fan of Vanessa's, I do think she's bringing positivity and enthusiasm to th... more

Which Style of Dance Does Best on 'So You Think You Can Dance'?

Jazz, ballet and tap. Years ago, or at least when I was a young dancer, these were the main three styles of dance. Now, there's a variety of styles, including ballroom, contemporary, hip-hop, street, club and musical theater, to name a few. And all the styles have been featured on So You Think You Can Dance. A tap dancer has won. Several hip-hop dancers have won. And contemporary dancers have won. The judges also have their favorite preferred styles. So which style does best on America's favorite dance show? Contemporary Se... more

Vanessa Hudgens Joins 'SYTYCD' Season 14

Powerless might be cancelled but star Vanessa Hudgens won't be out of work for long. Sadly, Hudgens won't be getting to use the incredible comedic timing she displayed on that sitcom. Instead, Hudgens will be getting in touch with her musical theater background. Hudgens has joined So You Think You Can Dance season 14 as the third judge on the panel. Hudgens will be joining returning and fan-favorite j... more


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