Aired: Mar 16, 1995 , at 12:00 on NBC


Episode Summary: Elaine meets a man at the gym that she really wants to date and ends up talking to "the Jimmy", a man that refers to himself in the third person. Jerry goes to the dentist for some dental work and when he comes to, he sees the dentist and his assistant getting dressed, leading Jerry to wonder if he was violated while he was under. Meanwhile, Kramer is mist more
...aken for a mentally handicapped man.
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'Secrets and Wives' Recap: Jonathan Can't Keep His Hands to Himself

In this episode of Secrets and Wives, "There's Thumb-Thing About Liza," Cori has doubts about Sandy's fidelity, Susan throws a big birthday party for her son and Jonathan continues to offend some of the other women. Susan gets home from Fire Island and tells Jonathan that the rest of the women made it abundantly clear they think he's an asshole. Susan asks him to promise to tone it down the next time the group is together, but Jonathan can't make any promises. Hey! It's just hi... more

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Hulu to Stream 'Seinfeld', Makes Exclusive AMC Deal

In Hulu's ever-expanding content list of television shows, the streaming service made an announcement that it has obtained exclusive rights to all 180 episodes of the smashing 90s hit sitcom Seinfeld by NBC. Furthermore, the service has made a deal with the network AMC that will grant it the rights to future programming by the network. The announcement was made at Hulu Upfront Presentation in New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom by CEO Mike Hopkins, Head of Advertising Sales, Peter Naylor and SVP Head of Content, Craig Erwich. ... more


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