Aired: Mar 16, 1995 , at 12:00 on NBC


Episode Summary: Elaine meets a man at the gym that she really wants to date and ends up talking to "the Jimmy", a man that refers to himself in the third person. Jerry goes to the dentist for some dental work and when he comes to, he sees the dentist and his assistant getting dressed, leading Jerry to wonder if he was violated while he was under. Meanwhile, Kramer is mist more
...aken for a mentally handicapped man.
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'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Mike Reveals His Secret

This episode on Pretty Little Liars, Hanna dances the way she feels, which is very angry. Spencer turns to a life of crime, Aria finds out the truth about Mike, and Emily makes a pledge to avenge Hanna's pageant crown. Also the liars finally discovered Alison isn't really 'A', but that's been obvious pretty much since the start. The mystery surrounding Mike has finally been put to bed, which means we probably won't get to enjoy watching him table flip like... more

2015 SAG Awards Live Blog: Complete List of Winners

The awards season keeps rolling on with the 21st annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. Since they only reward actors, there are far fewer categories than most awards shows, with just 15 including two for Stunt work. On the film side, the SAG Awards can be a predictor for the Oscars. Only three of this year's SAG nominees are not nominated for an Academy Award (Jennifer Aniston, Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts). However, last year the winners in all four individual acting categories went on to win the Oscar, and the Lead Actor winner at the SAG Aw... more

tbs Celebrate Thanksgiving with Friends and Seinfeld Marathons

This Thanksgiving, tbs is celebrating the holiday feast with a 14-episode marathon of 'Friends' from Thursday, Nov 27th at 10am (ET/PT) - including all 10 Thanksgiving specials of the show and four episodes that focus on dating issues within the group. At 5pm, 'Seinfeld' will air a 3-hour collection of episodes that will conclude with the legendary Festivus episode 'The Strike'. Full details below on the day'... more


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