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Episode Summary: After discovering new information about the assassination of Frankie Vargas, Olivia makes a shocking decision and asks Huck to complete one of the most difficult tasks yet.
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Has Huck Been Played Again?

Trust is the name of the game on season 6 of Scandal. Now that we know Eli killed Vargas, now we just have to figure out why. Well, we know he was being threatened, but just who is this new group? And while we're no closer to finding out who the group is, "A Traitor Among Us," leaves us with more questions about just who is to be trusted among our core Scandal characters. Olivia asks Huck to kill Eli, but Huck thinks something else is going on. His judgment gets clouded when his emotions get invol... more

A Traitor Among Us

What the HUCK just happened? On Scandal Season 6 Episode 7, Huck was on a mission to find out the truth, but did it really get him murdered in the process? Let's start with Meg. There was something out of the ordinary with her. That's for sure. Her whole act as this poor defenseless victim was clearly a ruse. I called it at the top of the hour, and my suspicions only grew stronger as the hour went on.  Huck really battled with whether to kill her, but she m... more



Portia de Rossi Explains Why She Left 'Scandal'

Scandal season 6 opened with the death of the president-elect, but it turns out that was the second most shocking death the season had in store. In "Trojan Horse" another major Scandal character met another brutal demise as Portia de Rossi's Elizabeth was murdered in front of (now) new President Mellie Grant. In a statement released to TVLine Portia talked about her character's death and assured fans that the decision to leave more

Why Connie Britton Was Never Meant to Play Olivia Pope on 'Scandal'

While the Scandal cast is full of fascinating characters, those who the audience love and those who they love to hate, Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope is the undeniable star. Olivia makes Scandal what it is and she has become one of the most influential and inspiring women of color on TV. According to The Hollywood Reporter, if ABC had gotten their way, Olivia would have loo... more

'Scandal': Will Olivia Follow Fitz to Vermont?

Fitz is dead set on putting his library and his future in Vermont but Abby basically squashed his dreams when she told him, "Olivia is never going to Vermont with you" on Thursday's Scandal episode. Though it stings, Abby has a point considering the mess the pair has been through over the course of six seasons. However, it sounds like all hope is not lost for "Olitz." "Fitz is in love with Olivia, and he always will be," Tony Goldwyn, who plays Fitz, told TVLine. "He's learned how to... more


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