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Episode Summary: As the clock ticks down to the inauguration of the first female President of the United States, Olivia takes a big risk to ensure Mellie's safety.
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'Scandal' Season 7: 5 Reasons Why Olivia Shouldn't Be Command

S candal season 7 has Olivia in a dual role -- Mellie's chief of staff and in charge of B613. But it seems as if all that power is finally taking its toll on her, as her recent order to kill Rashad is now coming back around to bite her with Quinn's disappearance in episode 6. Perhaps Rowan is right in that Olivia is just not cut out to be Command. Here are five reasons why Rowan is right and Olivia shouldn't be Command. She's Too Emotional Despite trying to be hard and unattached... more

'Scandal' Poll: Is Olivia's Bullying out of Control?

Ever since Olivia became Command, she's been bullying everyone around her, including Fitz, her father, Mellie and her new love interest. In "Adventures of Babysitting," Fitz outs her behavior to Mellie, which throws Olivia into damage control and even more bullying. But is it completely out of control? And is this a good direction to take Scandal in its final season? Too Much Power Olivia Pope has always been manipulative and a bully. It's how she got things done on Fitz's campaign, how she got th... more

SCANDAL Season 7 Episode 5 Photos Adventures in Babysitting

“Adventures in Babysitting” – Olivia and Mellie assert their power like never before; meanwhile, Cyrus is working on congressional approval to declare war in Bashran, and QPA is keeping close watch on President Rashad’s niece, on “Scandal,” airing THURSDAY, NOV. 2 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. SCANDAL Season 7 Episode 5 Photos Adventures in Babysitting more


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