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Aired: Oct 11, 2017 , Wednesday at 20:00 on CW

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Episode Summary: As Fred's life hangs in the balance following the shooting at Pop's diner, Archie struggles with the emotional aftermath of what he witnessed. Meanwhile, as Veronica steps out of her comfort zone to support Archie, she learns that her father Hiram has arrived to Riverdale earlier than expected. Elsewhere, at Pop's diner, Pop Tate recounts the chilling detail more
...s of the shooting, which leaves Jughead and Betty questioning the gunman's true motives. Lastly, after running into Cheryl at the hospital, Betty and Kevin are surprised to learn about the fire at Thornhill.
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Season 2 Premiere One Riverdale Resident is Gone for Good While a New One Arrives

Riverdale season 1 came out of nowhere and quickly became one of TV's best guilty pleasures. It was dark, moody but peppered with some surprisingly deep moments, ultimately though it was a fun soap opera. The season 2 premiere, entitled "Kiss Before Dying," is the exact opposite of fun. Picking up directly after season 1's possibly fatal cliffhanger, season 2 opens not with a murder, but a possible one, as Fred Andrew's death hangs in the balance.How to Grieve and Look Flawless Doing It more

Chapter Fourteen

It's back! October 11th could not get here fast enough. Riverdale Season 2 Episode 1 picked up right where last season's thrilling cliffhanger left off. We had a gunshot, an emergency and a whole lot of drama. And a new mystery for us to obsess over. Christmas came early. There goes my social life... Riverdale has always been a dark and mysterious show. It's no secret that it's one of the reasons why I'm hooked on this addictive story. As I once said, this is Archie with... more



Can Veronica and Archie Survive Their Terrible Choices on 'Riverdale'?

When your sins come home to roost, your only option is to double down. For the denizens of Riverdale, that means holding fast to some truly terrible ideas. The truth of the SoDale project is a secret no more, and "Primary Colors" forced everyone from Veronica to Archie to deal with the collapse of a lie. Only Hiram and Hermione were prepared to manipulate their way up and out, which means they left a trail of devastated youth in their wake. After all, that's what happens when you use ... more

Is the Lodge Empire Beginning to Crumble on 'Riverdale'?

Riverdale season 2 started with a serial killer on the loose, but the true villain of the season has definitely been Hiram Lodge. Since he came to town, Hiram has slowly been gobbling up all the control and influence in Riverdale. In the latest episode, "Primary Colors," however, the first major cracks began to form in Lodge Empire.  Jughead staged a successful protest, Fred Andrews resolved to run against Hermione... more

Why Chic Still Might Be Betty's Brother on 'Riverdale'

Since his arrival, Chic Cooper has been a source of mystery and confusion on Riverdale. In the episode "There Will Be Blood," Betty dropped a bombshell on Chic (and the audience) by revealing he's not who he claims to be ... or at least that's what Betty thinks. Betty tested Chic's blood and although those results confirm something shocking about Chic's parentage, it's not the slam dunk revelation Betty thinks she is holding. No Blossom Blood, No Problem more


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