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Episode Summary: The relationship between Rachel and Gene remains strained as Charlie shows her mom how much she's grown. Meanwhile, Neville gives Jason a determined proclamation.
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Aaron sent the patriots out with a blaze of glory on Revolution Season 2 Episode 9, and, much like the nanotech’s reaction to Aaron’s commands, the show's direction remains unclear. This installment was very much an improvement over the last few string of episodes, as there were a lot of fun to be had in the character interactions, flashbacks and reveals. We’re still leaps and bounds ahead of Revolution Season 1. Yet some of the promise shown way back in the beginning of the... more

Everyone Says I Love You

Rachel, Charlie and Miles have no choice but to enter the bunker to rescue Aaron, Cynthia and Gene. They plan to head to an access ladder on the roof but on the way they find all of the Patriots lying on the ground. Rachel asks if they are dead but Miles says they are out cold. The front door has been left open so they head inside. There are more men knocked out inside and Charlie finds Aaron's footprints. Miles wonders what's going on if Aaron was the one who knocked all of the men out. They follow the prints to a... more

Aaron Goes to Burning Man

I guess we should've known what we were in for once the "This program contains intense scenes" viewer discretion warning appeared, especially during the normally family-friendly 8 p.m. hour.And while I would argue this is seemingly always going to be an issue when you're fighting an army and your weapon of choice is a machete, this latest episode of Revolution is a bit troubling on a number of different levels, some of which don't even involve graphic violence.Of course, there is plenty ... more



NBC Renews 'Night Shift,' 'Mysteries of Laura' and Live 'Undateable,' Orders 2 More New Dramas

NBC continues to make plans for the 2015-2016 TV season by renewing two sophomore shows that moved from summer to spring as well as renewing a freshman drama, and picking up two more new dramas, including one starring Wesley Snipes. For the renewals, medical drama The Night Shift has been picked up for season 3. Debvra Messing's The Mysteries of Laura was also picked up for a second season. They jo... more

'Revolution' Fans Finally Get Answers with Digital Comic Book

When Revolution wrapped its final episode in May 2014, fans were very disappointed that the show had such a short run. Additionally, the open-ended series finale left those fans without any real closure on the characters and storylines they had been captivated by. Because so many fans had rallied to bring the show back and give it the closure it deserved, the entire production and writing team have come back together in an attempt to give the fans what they want. JJ Abra... more

'Revolution' Creator Eric Kripke Answers: Will the Story Live On?

When NBC announced their 2014-15 television schedule, Revolution was a glaring omission. While the network decided not to renew the series, Revolution fans have remained vocal about their desire to see more of the Mathison and Monroe families in the post-apocalyptic world. Over 67,000 fans have signed the "Relocate Revolution" petition with the hopes that more


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