Aired: Jan 12, 2014 , Sunday at 22:00 on ABC

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Episode Summary: Physically and mentally broken, Emily finds herself more lost than ever while her enemies circle closer. But one game changing revelation will ignite a new path of destruction.
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Nolan goes to see Emily in the hospital, who is now mentally recovered and remembers everything, including the fact that Daniel shot her. But the incident has caused Emily to rethink her plans of revenge. She tells Nolan that she wants to get out of the Hamptons and live her own life away from the Graysons. Emily’s nurse, Niko, once again meets up with Aidan. He wants her to sneak Emily out of the hospital, so he can get her away from the Graysons as soon as possible. Niko assures Aidan that Emily’s sa... more

Game Changer

Revenge fans, consider the game changed after tonight! In an onstallment reminiscent of the high drama of Revenge season 1, "Endurance" altered the methods of Emily's revenge. Revenge Season 3 Episode 12 was one epic hour of television. Let's start with that moment right up there, shall we? Jack punching Daniel in the face was the highlight of my evening. AHHH! Go, Jack, go! I actually raised my fist and gave out... more

Mother Knows Best

Last week on Revenge, Nolan and Patrick pretty much ended it for good and the world became a darker place because of it. But not to worry, Nolan starts this week's episode off by disguising himself as a candy striper to see Emily in the hospital and brings back a little bit of joy."He's thrilled to see that Emily remembers him, and he asks her when she's going to get back to revenging. She tells him that it's over and she wants to get out of the Hamptons as soon as possible. The hardest thing about los... more



'Revenge' Recap: How Far Does Emily Go to Clear Daniel's Name?

"What the hell, Ems?" That's Nolan's reaction to Emily's big announcement at the end of "Clarity," and it's exactly what everyone is probably thinking as well as they watch her take the podium and clear Daniel's name on Revenge. While Emily is finally honest with the world, Nolan needs to take a page out of her book and be honest in his personal life, especially with Victoria planting seeds of doubt in Louise's head. Plus, Ben's brother comes to town and plan... more

'Revenge' Recap: Has Margaux Gone Too Far?

Margaux, Margaux, Margaux. It's just one thing after another with the Emily Thorne-wannabe, and that continues in "Loss" on Revenge. It pays to have money and numerous publications under your name, and Margaux uses that to her advantage to try to accomplish what she wants: make Emily suffer, this time via Jack. However, what Margaux is to learn is that whatever James Allen may be to her, whatever he may think he can do, is nothing compared to what Emily and her friends can get done,... more

'Empire' Composer Fil Eisler Talks Scoring the Smash Hit and Juicy Drama Ahead for the Season Finale

If you haven't been watching FOX's mega-hit Empire, you might be the only one missing out. Debuting to huge ratings, the show has become a bigger success than anyone could have predicted, growing viewers and buzz week-by-week. While you're watching the "OMG" drama, you might be missing a key utility player keeping Empire's off-the-rails drama grounded: the musical score.   In a show all about the music, p... more


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