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Hidden between the lines of the history books is the story of Mary Stuart, the young woman the world would come to know as Mary, Queen of Scots. Queen of Scotland since she was six days old, the teenage Mary is already a headstrong monarch - beautiful, passionate, and poised at the very beginning of her tumultuous rise to power. Arriving in France with four close friends as her more
... ladies-in-waiting, Mary has been sent to secure Scotland's strategic alliance by formalizing her arranged engagement to the French king's dashing son, Prince Francis. But the match isn't signed and sealed, it depends more on politics, religion and secret agendas than affairs of the heart. Prince Francis is intrigued by the fiery Scot, but like most young men, he resists the idea of settling down into marriage, especially when he has a history with a lady of the court and his own point of view on the wisdom of an alliance with Scotland. Still, an attraction between Mary and Francis is ignited. Further complicating things is Bash, Francis' roguish half-brother, who has a history of his own - despite his illegitimate birth, Bash is his father's favorite. And now that Bash has caught Mary's eye, a royal triangle may be forming. While at French Court, fierce foes and dark forces conspire to sabotage Mary's marriage to Francis and even threaten her life, until a mysterious shrouded guide becomes her ally. With danger and sexual intrigue around every dark castle corner, Mary rallies her ladies-in-waiting and steels herself, ready to rule the new land and balance the demands of her country and her heart.
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  • No Way Out

    No Way Out

    After an extended hiatus, we're back to the shenanigans of both the French and English courts, and WOW is there a lot of intrigue and double-crossing happening right now. (And yes, I know it returned for Reign Season 3 Episode 11, but I didn't know that last week so please forgive me.)

    Reign Season 3 Episode 12 found Mary questioning whether she's willing to cause her cousin's assassination in order to reclaim her throne.

    Her short answer? "Eh...about that..."

    It didn't take long for Mary to figure out that once she accepts Elizabeth's proposal and the Vatican offs Elizabeth, Mary's head won't be far behind. They want a man in power because patriarchy! Those silly women aren't fit to lead, what with their whimsy and passion!?!?

    Ugh. Those guys.

    Mary's compassion and desire to get what she wants, without taking lives she doesn't have to take, is one of the reasons people trust her. Most of the time it doesn't ...


  • Forbidden


    Well, isn't Conde a popular guy?

    He's far more popular than marriage. Given that Royals (or women) can loose everything if they commit adultery, they sure don't have all that much interest in the sanctity of marriage, do they?

    It's almost hard to remember that the setting is France and under the keen eye of the Pope. Sure, Francis took care of him and drove the Catholic soldiers out of the country, but that doesn't mean they'd be happy to learn of the goings on in the realm nonetheless. There isn't a happy marriage in the castle at the moment.

    Marie de Guise was in town for her brother's funeral on Reign Season 2 Episode 15 and while there she took the time to clash with sullen Mary. She pointed out how important it is to have a child to secure her reign. 

    Mary was angry and felt put upon, something she does quite frequently. The only person she can stand to be around for more than a minute is Conde. Her husband loves her, car...


  • Reversal of Fortune

    Reversal of Fortune

    Reversal of Fortune was an hour to be cheered, as Reign Season 2 Episode 18 finally made Queen Mary confront her choices - her treacherous, selfish, ill-made, disloyal choices.

    We can also heave a collective sigh of relief, because the King lives!  

    I can't say Mary caught all the hell I wanted her to, but the scene where Catherine brought her royal rage down upon her daughter-in-law was one that made me holler at the TV in support. I even watched it again for pure pleasure's sake! Megan Follows is a goddess.

    Her ferocity is unmatched. I could feel her energy ripple out of my television and across my arms. I imagine acting across from her is rather like being near a live wire. 

    Nostradamus always said that you would be the cause of my son's death. I never imagined you'd kill him by breaking his heart.

    •


  • Abandoned


    I think a better title for Reign Season 2 Episode 19 would be Fallen rather than "Abandoned."

    You've got fallen soldiers, fallen women, fallen trust and just maybe...a fallen head. Let's take it from the start.

    When it was first revealed that Conde had been absent for WEEKS and then returned I had a near conniption. What do you mean he was gone and then had the audacity to come back? You need only see everyone else's reactions to see they felt the same way. 

    Well, everyone except for Mary who felt like she was dying with Conde gone. <Insert eye roll so violent you see nothing but the white's of my eyes.>

    First Lola and Kenna point out how things would be better with his continued absence and then Francis sweetly offers Mary his protection when she starts feeling anxious over the hostage situation. I mean, his eyes went all soft, his voice was low and protective. You could see the love. And then he saw HIM.

    The ho...


  • Bruises That Lie

    Bruises That Lie

    For an episode featuring shockingly few scenes with Catherine de Medici, the Queen mother certainly figured prominently on Reign Season 3 Episode 10.

    Narcisse is out, and Catherine's back on top! It only took one borderline insane plan to make it happen. And yeah, it's totally better that Mary doesn't know. I'm not even sure if I want to know.

    But I do know. And so do you. And when Claude finds out? Hooboy.

    Narcisse got into Charles' ear and convinced Charles to force Claude to marry Duke Boinel because France needed Boinel's gold. 

    "It's okay," Narcisse said! "He's totes a good man! Promise!" And then he backhanded Claude across the face on their wedding night prompting her to give him the ol' three-punch knockout before angrily throwing her wedding ring at him and yelling "I AM A PRINCESS!"

    I hated that girl when she first appeared, but damn. Claude's growing on me. 

    As it turns out, Duke Boinel was


  • Wedlock


    If there had been even one dead body on tonight's Reign Season 3 Episode 9, we could've called the episode "three weddings and a funeral." 

    I mean, we had a body, but it wasn't exactly one that helped Mary very much, or Elizabeth either for that matter. 

    You win some, you lose more, right?

    For starters, Elizabeth is pregnant. Dudley's wife throws herself over a railing in their country home to make it appear as if her husband has killed her so that when he tries to announce his plan to marry Elizabeth, the entire country will turn against them both.

    Silly Robert Dudley! Never mess with a scorned woman!

    Speaking of women, Delphine has now, it seems, taken the former village murderer's bloodlust onto herself. She refuses to leave Bash's chambers knowing that by staying put she's protecting all of the people out there she might kill.

    Thus concludes the parts of tonight about characters we either 1) don't care about at all...


  • Our Undoing

    Our Undoing

    Remember that time the prince of Spain asked Mary to participate in a little masochism, and she agreed but invited Catherine along for the ride because she didn't think she could handle it and then everything went bananas and Don Carlos got stabbed in the head?

    Reign Season 3 Episode 8 picked up immediately after that moment with Mary and Catherine in the tunnels, frantically trying to figure out how not to get caught.

    God, I love it when these two scheme together.

    As much as I have a love-hate thing with Catherine de Medici, there's nothing I love about her more than when she's concocting some plan to keep herself out of trouble. Even if it means killing the prince of Spain with a wash cloth.

    She's best when she's being wily, and her efforts to prove her own innocence were top notch tonight.

    Narcisse usurped Catherine as Regent, and someone framed her for Francis' death saying the Queen Mother had murdered her own son i...


  • Games and Toys Cause Problems

    Games and Toys Cause Problems It's time to suspend belief! Reign is on! Will we have more love affairs tonight? Will Reign have another attack on Mary? Will Lola find out just what a creep Narcisse is? Will Bash ever find true love? Can Mary move beyond Francis? One thing for sure! None of these will be answered tonight. If they were, there wouldn't be a need for Reign to be questioning everything.

    It's Time for a Queen!

    Mary has heard a rumor that Elizabeth is a man. (Oh, please, not that again.) Well, Don Carlos will not talk of Liz while courting Mary and wants to play "hound and hare." Mary turns him down which surprises Carlos. Seriously Carlos, anyone could see that you were going to be the hound and Mary would suffer for it. Wait. Wasn't he a child at this time in history?(Knowledge is suspended.)

    Catherine is working her magic trying to get the votes to be made regent. Well, with her skills, I'm sure she'll find a way. Even though...


  • The Hound and the Hare

    The Hound and the Hare

    This winter finale business is totally cramping our TV style, people. Reign Season 3 Episode 7 had all the momentum and intrigue the previous episode lacked, and now the show doesn't return until January 8th.

    At which time it will finish part of a run and then get bumped off the schedule until whenever the CW sees fit to put it back into the rotation. Greeaaaaaat​.

    Tonight was really, really good. The kind of Reign that leaves me wanting more and more, when right now it feels like we're doomed to get less and less.

    Let's talk about Don Carlos.

    The prince of Spain, the man who dared ask Elizabeth to show him what's under her skirt in order to dispel rumors that she might actually be a man, was hiding a few secrets of his own. He has a thing for letting women take control, which is a talent both Mary and Elizabeth seem to possess.

    His desire has scared off more than one potential bride, and Catherine, ever the one to r...


  • Fight or Flight

    Fight or Flight

    Here's what I want to know. Are we going to need tissues and waterproof mascara for every episode of Reign for the rest of the season? Because Reign Season 3 Episode 6 definitely made me cry once or twice. Or maybe even three times. 

    And not because Bash STILL doesn't have anything to do. This whole Dead Francis thing is just SAD.

    Dear Elizabeth and England, no one cares that you're losing Dudley. Signed, ALL OF THE REIGN FANDOM.

    Seriously. Does anyone out there care AT ALL about what's happening with that bitter beyotch across the pond? No. No one. She's just being selfish and going to war and making Amy the Keeper of Swans and sending Blackburn to break Mary's heart (again) because she's bored.

    Meanwhile, Mary's grieving the loss of her one true love AND putting her country into a precarious political climate in order to support a woman who would have seen her dead simply because it's the right thing to do for France.

    If Eliz...



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