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Episode Summary: When Mary learns of a secret clause in her marriage contract that her mother, Marie de Guise and Queen Catherine orchestrated, Mary and Francis embark on a dangerous plan to turn Scotland against her mother - and Mary gets her first taste of power as the Queen of Scots.
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Who Betrayed Mary?

This week on Reign, Mary learns the hard way that politics is a dirty game. She has been betrayed by everyone. It's time for her to step up as queen of Scotland. We finally get to see the queen of Reign. "The Mad King is Still MadHenry the Mad King is still ill or crazy or whatever he is. Francis thinks he needs time to recover. Katherine, meanwhile, has been trying to take over some of his duties because he's been too distracted by Pen... more

I Don't Need Your Civil War

There was a lot to keep track of in Reign Season 1 Episode 17-- international intrigue, a huge massacre (the show's first!), and Queen Catherine getting her jollies (also a first!). But I want you to put all that on the back burner for a second so we can discuss what an absolute JOY Kenna and Bash's forced marriage is. That opening scene was like classic Moonlighting, and I wanted it to last for 85 minutes straight. Utter. Perfection. I had never thought of Bash as a particularly c... more



'Reign' Recap: Mary's Loss is Catherine's Gain

Last time on Reign, we said a sad goodbye to Francis. He dodged a bullet with his health, but he couldn't withstand the sword. Reign is always about queens, so we know that Mary is no longer officially Queen of France. Will she move her Reign to Scotland? Will she remarry? Is France in Trouble? There's always a problem in a kingdom when a child wears the crown. Enter Charles with Nash, who have a brotherly talk in this episode, "Fight or Flight." Excuse me. Lord Gre... more

'Reign' Recap: Nostradamus' One Last Vision Brings Grief When a Hero Falls

The question that Reign fans should be asking tonight is: will we lose Francis? I'll add a suggestion here. Let's bring Francis back as Lord Darnley! And what "great price" (yeah, a Once Upon a Time reference) did Mary have to pay on Reign for Francis' return from death? Will any of these questions be answered? We open will Mary at her prayers. While she's happy she has Francis with her, she really doesn't have any concern for her mum's death. It was a nice touch that costumers dressed her in the royal white for French m... more

'Reign' Recap: Death and Marriage

Poor Reign's Queen Mary of France -- what can she do? Her husband is getting weaker. She can't marry her brother-in-law. Her Scottish kingdom isn't behaving itself. Add to her woes, Queen Elizabeth is trying to show her what a true Queen does! It's another Friday night and Reign must try to solve Mary's woes. Mary's France In France, things don't look good. Secrets are everywhere and everyone has some. At least for Mary's peace of mind, Francis is still kicking but doesn't want his medicine. Maybe he ... more


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