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Episode Summary: When Mary learns of a secret clause in her marriage contract that her mother, Marie de Guise and Queen Catherine orchestrated, Mary and Francis embark on a dangerous plan to turn Scotland against her mother - and Mary gets her first taste of power as the Queen of Scots.
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Who Betrayed Mary?

This week on Reign, Mary learns the hard way that politics is a dirty game. She has been betrayed by everyone. It's time for her to step up as queen of Scotland. We finally get to see the queen of Reign. "The Mad King is Still MadHenry the Mad King is still ill or crazy or whatever he is. Francis thinks he needs time to recover. Katherine, meanwhile, has been trying to take over some of his duties because he's been too distracted by Pen... more

I Don't Need Your Civil War

There was a lot to keep track of in Reign Season 1 Episode 17-- international intrigue, a huge massacre (the show's first!), and Queen Catherine getting her jollies (also a first!). But I want you to put all that on the back burner for a second so we can discuss what an absolute JOY Kenna and Bash's forced marriage is. That opening scene was like classic Moonlighting, and I wanted it to last for 85 minutes straight. Utter. Perfection. I had never thought of Bash as a particularly c... more



'Reign' Recap: Will Mary Stay in France?

This episode on Reign, Francis nearly dies of an ear infection, but then survives just to really mess with people who think this show might ever be historically accurate. Kenna tries to grand theft auto a horse and ends up flirting with a general, while Claude is introduced to the exciting world of brothels. Mary tries to steal an army from her dying husband, while Narcisee continues to plot and scheme and dream of relaxing bubble baths. And finally, Clarissa the Friendly Burlap Monster ... more

Casting Bits: 'Graceland' Adds 3, 'Heroes' Gets Series Regular and More

Rya Kihlstedt, once known as Dr. Michelle Ross on Dexter has officially joined on to the cast of Heroes: Reborn . Additionally, Grey's Anatomy, Graceland, and Suits make new casting announcements. Rya Kihlstedt on Heroes: Reborn According to Entertainment Weekly, Rya Kihlstedt will have a series regular role... more

'Reign' Recap: Is Francis on His Deathbed?

This episode on Reign, Mary briefly loses faith in Conde but ultimately gains faith in herself, Francis develops a potentially deadly ear infection, Catherine finds out Mary's plans to leave France, Narcisse skulks around being inappropriately sexy, Leith tries to make an honest woman out of his madam with a heart of gold, and Bash gets shanked for the millionth time this season. Thankfully Bash bumps into a nun with magic hands (not a euphemism) and once again punches his "get out of deat... more


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