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Episode Summary: When Mary learns of a secret clause in her marriage contract that her mother, Marie de Guise and Queen Catherine orchestrated, Mary and Francis embark on a dangerous plan to turn Scotland against her mother - and Mary gets her first taste of power as the Queen of Scots.
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Who Betrayed Mary?

This week on Reign, Mary learns the hard way that politics is a dirty game. She has been betrayed by everyone. It's time for her to step up as queen of Scotland. We finally get to see the queen of Reign. "The Mad King is Still MadHenry the Mad King is still ill or crazy or whatever he is. Francis thinks he needs time to recover. Katherine, meanwhile, has been trying to take over some of his duties because he's been too distracted by Pen... more

I Don't Need Your Civil War

There was a lot to keep track of in Reign Season 1 Episode 17-- international intrigue, a huge massacre (the show's first!), and Queen Catherine getting her jollies (also a first!). But I want you to put all that on the back burner for a second so we can discuss what an absolute JOY Kenna and Bash's forced marriage is. That opening scene was like classic Moonlighting, and I wanted it to last for 85 minutes straight. Utter. Perfection. I had never thought of Bash as a particularly c... more



'Reign' Recap: A Wedding, a Confession, and a Betrayal

This week on Reign religious turmoil comes to France, Narcisse springs another evil plan on Francis, and Greer finally ties the knot. Plus, Lola and Kenna become sex detectives and Mary and Francis have the most painful fight of all time. I am constantly in awe of this show when it comes to the amount of story they can stuff into a single episode. Most shows would dedicate a whole episode to Greer's wedding, or to Narcisse's plan unfolding, or even to the fight between Protes... more

'Reign' Recap: Showdown Between Mary and Lola

This week on Reign a million things happen at once because everyone in the French court is crazy good at multitasking. There's a fight, a christening, a pregnancy announcement, a miscarriage, a sexy dance, a sexy sex scene, a murder, a suicide, and ghosts. The real mystery of this episode doesn't revolve around whether the riders are men or demons from the underworld, but how in the world everyone manages to fit so much into their day. It's to the show's credit that the ho... more

'Reign' Recap: Long Live the King

This week on Reign, Francis and Mary bicker like an old married couple over how best to handle the grain shortage, Kenna realizes she's never getting a chateau, and Francis has a heart-to-heart with the pissed off spirit of his murdered father.  All in a day's work for a king! Thankfully after a long day of communing with spirits and bickering with his wife, Francis at least has a coronation party to look forward to. And it looks like Catherine de Medici throws one killer royal ke... more


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