Aired: Aug 30, 2015 , Monday at 22:00 on ABC

Between Seasons

Episode Summary: New recruits for the FBI are suspected of masterminding a terrorist attack. Take a look at some inside moments from the show.
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4 Reasons Alex and Owen Belong Together on 'Quantico'

Alex and Owen seem to be getting closer and closer on Quantico, and fans of the show are loving it. While many fans have been hoping this could lead to a romance between the two, showrunner Joshua Safran sadly shut that down . Still, we can't help but ship this couple, so here are four reasons we think Safran should reconsider exploring this relationship. 1. They've Got Great Chemistry Seriously, every interaction between these two lately has been ... more

'Quantico' Showrunner on Why Romance Isn't in the Future for Owen and Alex

Alex and Owen have been spending a lot of time together on Quantico. Given the show's propensity for romance (and basic knowledge of how most relationships on TV progress) it would be easy to assume there is more than friendship in the future for the two. In a recent interview with TVLine, Quantico showrunner Joshua Safran shot down all hopes of an Alex and Owen romance. There is nothing but friendship on the horizon for the two of... more

'Quantico' Showrunner Discusses the Trump Shift

While terrorism has been a major story line for Quantico on ABC this season, a showrunner for the popular series has revealed the focus will shift to address the actual political state of the nation; particularly President Donald Trump. "We're in sort of a paradigm shift," Josh Safran explained to The Hollywood Reporter. "We're now looking at the ways in which people profit off of terror and it allows us to plot around something that is real and possible." more


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