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Experience Lifetime’s Emmy-nominated reality-competition series like never before as Project Runway enters its 12th and most interactive season yet. A series first, fans can share their reactions in real time to story lines, challenges and decisions through the new on-screen feature, PlayRunway. Plus, seven super fans will be featured in an episode for a makeover, a mystery con more
...testant from a past season, chosen by fans, will be unveiled as the 16th designer for the season and, as requested by fans, more Tim Gunn! Gunn will join host Heidi Klum and the judges to watch the runway show, answer questions about what transpired in the workroom and give them an opportunity to examine the workmanship of each design. Join celebrity guest judges, including Kate Bosworth and Sigourney Weaver, as designers compete for a prize package worth more than half a million dollars.
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Do the Final Four Second-Guess Their Collections?

Even after Corey's controversial elimination in the last episode of Project Runway, the final four is just what makes sense. Erin, Laurence, Rik and Roberi will all create a line for Fashion Week to determine who will emerge as the winner. Let's take a look at the beginning of their process in this episode, "Finale Part 1."Heidi meets the final four on the runway one last time. She tells them they have six weeks and $9,000 to make a 10-look collection. She tells them they're all talented... more

An Unconventional Challenge Mash-Up

After the previous episode's surprise double elimination, the designers on Project Runway are realizing the competition is intensifying as their numbers dwindle. But everyone left is there for a reason and they'll get another chance to prove themselves in the episode "Bold Innovation." Tim and Brian from Lexus meet the designers in a warehouse to tell them about their challenge. It's an avant-garde and an unconventional material challenge. They have to use the unconventional metal ma... more

High Fashion from a High Viewpoint

On the previous episode of Project Runway, the designers had a challenge that hit some a little too close to home when they had to design a fresh new look for a loved one. Now they're going to face a different kind of challenge; one with a whole new perspective. Let's just say that they'll have to view their inspiration from a distance. Let's see how brave they are on "Power Trip." Birdseye View The designers meet Tim for their next challenge at an unexpected p... more



Project Runway: The 5 Best and Worst Looks of 'Project Runway' Season 15 News | TVBuzer

The 5 Best and Worst Looks of 'Project Runway' Season 15

Like any season of Project Runway, season 15 was filled with highs and lows. Some talented designers made it far into the competition, while everybody else got the auf wiedersehen from Heidi. Let's take a look at my five worst and best looks of the season. We'll start with the five worst looks. Worst Looks #5 Roberi ("An Unconventional Trip") ... more

Project Runway: 'Project Runway' Season 15: Breaking Down the Looks of 'Finale Part 2' News | TVBuzer

'Project Runway' Season 15: Breaking Down the Looks of 'Finale Part 2'

In episode 14 of Project Runway, the designers got to show their final collections at New York Fashion Week. Each collection had 10 looks and had to exemplify the designers' skill and aesthetic. Let's take a look at the best piece from each collection from "Finale Part 2." Fourth Place Rik I n my opinion, Rik had a strong collection... more

Project Runway: 'Project Runway' Season 15 Finale: Who's In and Who's Out ... and the Winner is... News | TVBuzer

'Project Runway' Season 15 Finale: Who's In and Who's Out ... and the Winner is...

After a harsh critique with the judges on the previous episode, the final four Project Runway designers have to kick it into high gear to finish their collections and put on a great show for New York Fashion Week. It's been a long season, but at the end of "Finale Part 2," three designers will be out, and only one will be in. Get to Re-Work Tim knows that the designers took a beating at the last judging panel. So he's giving them $500 at Mood to help them fix their collections. Back in the... more


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