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Aired: Jan 07, 2014 , Tuesday at 20:00 on ABC Family

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Episode Summary: Armed with the knowledge that Alison is alive, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer have more questions now than ever before. Trying to put the pieces together Hanna comes up with the idea that if they find out who is really buried in Ali's grave it may lead to much needed answers. But as the girls search, Emily has trouble dealing with how she feels about Alison more
...being alive.
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Jekyll and Hyde

After a game-changing reveal in the Halloween special, Pretty Little Liars returned to Rosewood in 2014, as the gals dealt with the aftermath of their discovery. And for the first time in a long time, the show provided some dramatic tension and interesting character development without having to resort to revelations and surprises at the end of the hour. Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 14 really utilized the new dynamics created on Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 12 and the Hal... more

The Secret Life of the Busy Bee Inn

It looks like some of the liars still haven't learned their lesson: secrets don't make friends! After a promising return in last week's Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 14, the show continues to build my hope that the remainder of the season will be much stronger. Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 15 was incredibly focused in a way past episodes haven't been. There weren't a lot of storylines competing for attention, and the different threads of the plot were mostly united around ... more

Mid-Season Premiere The Race to Find Alison Gets a Slow Start

This week on the mid-season premiere of Pretty Little Liars, the girls have conflicted feelings about Alison being alive, Toby returns with volumized hair full of Radley misconduct secrets, and Caleb calls it quits with Hanna because he can't tell her he spends 90% of his time with dead people now."Elsewhere, Ezra takes Aria to his scenic murder cabin where he keeps his tell tale heart under the floorboards, while Emily connects with another girl whose missing friend was also a beautiful monster. ... more



'Pretty Little Liars': Why We Don't Trust Alison's New Man, Dr. Rollins

Alison's new man (and future husband, as we learned from the first flash-forward scene) sort of came into Rosewood with no real introduction and didn't really tell the Liars, or us, much about himself. That being the case, we don't trust you Dr. Rollins. You were Charlotte's doctor and are now in love with her sister, Alison? Yeah, there's two trustworthy people to associate yourself with... Let's take a minute and think about everything we know about Dr. Rollins and try and figure out what his ulterior motives could be.... more

'Pretty Little Liars': 15 Things We'll Never Forget about Spoby

It looks like the Toby/Spencer relationship might be officially over, Pretty Little Liars fans. Toby's in a new relationship and on the precipice of engagement, while Spence is falling head over heels for Caleb. Things are currently a little rocky, but it looks like the best days are behind Team Spoby. In honor of their swoon-worthy relationship, let's take a look back at some things we'll never forget about their relationship. 1. When Toby Admitted He Could Never Stop Loving Her more

'Pretty Little Liars': Byron Didn't Kill Charlotte, But He's Definitely Guilty of Something

You can add Aria's father, Bryon Montgomery to the growing list of suspects in the murder case of Charlotte DiLaurentis. Season 6, episode 14, "New Guys, New Lies," has all clues leading to the allegation that Byron is solely responsible for killing Charlotte and putting an end to "A". While the evidence is stacking up against him, there's definitely a case to be made that says he didn't do it. Byron may not be completely innocent of this whole thing, but we don't believe he was the one to kill Charlotte. Let us make our case. more


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