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What if an angel and a demon procreate? What would that offspring be? Would it be holy or demonic or both? Preacher is that tale. The offspring has no body, just a soul. That soul needs a body and chose Jesse Custer. A preacher from Texas with a loss of faith and a drinking problem. The offspring called Genesis bonds with Jesse, giving him the word of God. What he says is done.
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Preacher: Special: Talking Preacher on The End of the Road | TVBuzer

Aired: September 11,2017

Dominic Cooper, Pip Torrens, Ian Colletti and Sam Catlin discuss the latest episode of Preacher. Host Chris Hardwick.... more



On Your Knees

It's the point of no return. Jesse convinced himself he has no choice but to become the Messiah on Preacher Season 2 Episode 12 while shunning Tulip and Cassidy. Hitler and Eugene continued their trek towards freedom, and the Saint of Killers returned. What does it all mean? I loved seeing the Saint of Killers again, but this time around he was too calm and collected. It could be because he has part of Jesse's soul in him, or it could be because he wanted to... more

Dirty Little Secret

We got out of the apartment for a while! Well, at least Jesse and Cassidy did. And for a treat, we got to see how unholy Jesus was in an elongated cold open on Preacher Season 2 Episode 10 that I can't really decide was funny or not. What was funny, though, was Jesus' umpteenth offspring, Humperdoo.  How the Grail came up with a name like that is beyond me, but just watching Herr Starr say it had me rolling. It was the most ridiculous thing ever, but it fit... more

Puzzle Piece

On Preacher Season 2 Episode 9, Jesse spent most of the hour in a holding pattern until he finally came face to face with his nemesis. Meanwhile, Cassidy made a choice about Denis' fate! This was not one of Preacher's best hours. While the scenes with Herr Starr are always entertaining, the few scenes we had with him didn't make up for a rather meh episode. The team remaining in the apartment has been gratingly boring and is making the story stale. Jesse is as... more



Preacher: 'Preacher' Renewed for Season 2 News | TVBuzer

'Preacher' Renewed for Season 2

The story of Jesse Custer will continue. AMC has announced that its latest comic adaptation will be getting more episodes. Preacher will return for season 2 and it's going to have even more episodes than season 1. After season 1 is over, Preacher will return for 13 episodes in 2017. Though Preacher has had the unenviable spot of airing on the same night an... more

Preacher: 'Preacher' Interview: Thomas Barbusca on Working with Seth Rogen and His Misunderstood Character News | TVBuzer

'Preacher' Interview: Thomas Barbusca on Working with Seth Rogen and His Misunderstood Character

AMC's newest drama Preacher is definitely one of the strangest new shows of summer 2016. The series follows Jesse Custer, a preacher who gains the power to make anyone do anything he says after a supernatural event takes place at his church. In the series, young actor Thomas Barbusca plays Chris Schenck, a boy who comes to Jesse asking him to hurt his abusive father. Barbusca recently spoke with TVBuz about his character Chris, what his motives are and why he's a little misunderstood.... more

Preacher: Why 'Preacher' Just Made a Very Smart Decision with Tulip and Cassidy News | TVBuzer

Why 'Preacher' Just Made a Very Smart Decision with Tulip and Cassidy

The world of Preacher is weird, magical and messy. Preacher exists in a world somewhat similar to ours but everything seems to be dialed up to a nearly insane degree. Considering how strange the world is, it's a wonder that any characters stick out at all for being different. Yet two in particular have and their names are Tulip and Cassidy.  Though Preacher more


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