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Aired: Mar 14, 2013 , Tuesday at 22:00 on CBS

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Episode Summary: The new Number is an old man, Lou Mitchell, who blows thousands of dollars each week while gambling at a New Jersey casino. While Finch and Reese try to work out how Lou does it, and why he's in danger, Carter helps a fellow detective framed by HR.
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Casino Reese

Finch knows that winning big means betting big, and it's still clear that Person of Interest is worth betting on. "All In" divided the episode into two stories, allowing Reese, Finch and Leon to worry about a former card shark going up against a casino boss, while Carter was digging her way into the conspiracy that is the rebuilding corrupt police force known as HR. I'm a huge fan of Leon and love how the show continuously has his number come up for Reese to swoop in and save him. ... more

All In

Leon is in an apartment with a young woman, Candi, throwing him on the bed and kissing him. She takes out a pair of handcuffs and cuffs him to the bedframe. As soon as he's secured, a Nigerian and his henchman come in and demand their money. Candi collects her money for turning Leon in and walks out. As the Nigerian prepares to cut out Leon's intestines, Leon warns him that they should leave while they can. Reese and Bear burst in and Reese makes short work of the Nigerians. He tells Finch that he's saved Leon, who... more



Is iZombie Any iGood?

So The CW drops a new light-hearted Supernatural comedy show on us, from a couple of people who created 'Veronica Mars' . 'iZombie' is based on a Vertigo comic which I don't follow. But it boils down to Liv Moore ( Rose McIver ) becoming a zombie. To keep from going berserk and eating pe... more

Karma - Person of Interest Mini-Review and Recap

The Machine reviews Finch's concerns about the government killing off the engineers who moved the Machine after it was sold to the government, and Nathan's death in the ferry bombing. 2010 A wheelchair-bound Finch goes to the library and puts up a photo of Corwin. He then calls her up and, using a voice scrambler, accuses her of killing Nathan. Finch says that it hasn't gone unnoticed and hangs up, and then prepares a bomb and listens in as Corwin calls the Special Counsel. She says that so... more

If-Then-Else - Person of Interest Recap

For someone who watches as much TV as me, it can often become a bore no matter how good the show. But then there are shows that restore your faith in the gods of television, and jolt you out of your doldrums. And 'Person of Interest' is one such show. And tonight's "If-Then-Else" is one such episode. Tonight's episode was the best episode of the show. Ever. They'll never top it. Give Denise The an Emmy for best writer. I can't say why, without giving away s... more




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