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Episode Summary: Brianna grapples with life-changing revelations and Claire must help her come to terms with the fact that she is her father's daughter. Roger brings news that forces Claire and Brianna to face an impossible choice.
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Do Claire and Jamie Finally Reunite?

The entirety of this episode of Outlander, titled "Freedom & Whisky," is set in (yawn) 1968 Boston, in which all of the action takes a million years to unfold. Loyal fans have been slogging their way through Jamie and Claire's separation this season, biding our time until the two can be reunited. Because, let's face it, without this epic love on the screen, the show has lost a good bit of its romantic mojo. I can only pine for them for so long, so thank goodness this episode gives a tiny slice of the reu... more

Freedom & Whisky

FINALLY!!! Claire and Jamie are back together...or will be once he wakes up. Outlander Season 3 Episode 5 ended rather abruptly, but what did you expect to happen when Jamie saw his long lost love?  As exciting as it is to have our favorite OTP reunited, we're going to save talking about that until next time except to say that Jamie passing out was an amazing way to end things, diffusing all the built-up tension with some well-timed physical comedy. But right now, I'm... more



Did 'Outlander' Wait Too Long to Reunite Jamie and Claire?

Fans of the steamy Starz romance have come to rely on a certain amount of romantic tension between its leads. Without the love story between Jamie and Claire, Outlander wouldn't be much more than historical fiction about two (kinda) boring folks. It seems like the writers should know this by now. To this end, it also seems like they should have brought Jamie and Claire back together long before the closing moments of "Freedom and Whisky." It took them five whole episodes, for heaven's sake... more

Why Would Claire Have Given Mrs. Graham the Pearl Necklace on 'Outlander'?

Outlander fans were shocked to learn that Fiona had Claire's pearl necklace. The item that was once Ellen MacKenzie Fraser's had been given to Mrs. Graham 20 years earlier and Fiona was returning it to its rightful owner. This wasn't included in the book, so why would it have been used in the show? Claire Feared Frank Burning Them When Claire returned from the past, Frank agreed to take her back with the baby on one condition: she left the past in ... more

Why It's Important That 'Outlander' Changed Geneva and Jamie's Bedroom Scene

Outlander book fans knew what was coming in the latest episode. Geneva would blackmail Jamie into taking her virginity, making sure she knew what it was like to enjoy a night with a man. But there were a couple of changes from the book plot, one of which would have an impact on the bedroom scene itself. In the books Geneva tells Jamie to stop, but he claims it's too late to do so. It left a bad taste in many book readers' mouths, as it made Jamie a rapist for many fans. While Geneva ... more


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