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Aired: Apr 23, 2017 , Sunday at 20:00 on ABC

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Episode Summary: In flashback, Zelena befriends a young woodcutter who has been cursed and turns to her for help finding a new heart. Zelena is forced to choose between keeping her powers and her friendship with him. Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, Zelena decides to take on the Black Fairy and put a stop to her, once and for all, against Regina's wishes, and the Charmings disagre more
...e over Emma and Hook's wedding plans.
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How Does Zelena's Past Help the Fight Against the Black Fairy?

As the Black Fairy gets ready for the final battle on Once Upon a Time, Regina gets distracted as Zelena heads down to the tunnels to stop the Black Fairy by herself in this episode, titled "Where Bluebirds Fly." Meanwhile, Snow uses wedding planning as a distraction to the trouble that lies ahead for Storybrooke. Eventually, Zelena uses an object from her past to right a wrong in present day.You've Got a FriendBack in the day in Oz, a young Zelena comes across a woodcut... more

Where Bluebirds Fly

Zelena finally chose a side that didn't leave the formerly wicked witch all alone on Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 18 "Where Bluebirds Fly." After several false starts and broken promises, Zelena made the ultimate sacrifice to prove she belonged on Team Hero. She gave up her magic to save the day. This was such a huge moment for her. Because as far as Zelena was concerned, her magic was the only thing that made her special. She clung to the power like a se... more



'Once Upon a Time' Episode 6.19 Photos: Will Rumple Find Out Why His Mother Abandoned Him?

The Black Fairy and Rumple are at the center of episode 19 of Once Upon a Time season 6, appropriately titled "The Black Fairy." Will Rumple find out why his mother abandoned him all those years ago? And how will that affect him going forward? The official episode description from ABC says, "In flashback, after Rumple's mother, Fiona, learns from his fairy godmother that his destiny is prophesized, she does everything in her power to keep it from happening. Ultimately, Fiona wil... more

Zelena Chooses a Side on 'Once Upon a Time'

"Where Bluebirds Fly" was the first Zelena-centric episode in a while. Once Upon a Time has been focused on Gideon and Emma for a while now, and Zelena was kind of just an awkward character living in the middle of nowhere. After Hades and Robin died she was in a weird place with Regina and the rest of the heroes. This episode tied off the loose end that was Zelena. The Black Fairy was trying to start the final battle and attempted to recruit Zelena to her side. Zelena was enraged to... more

Why Snow and Charming's Curse Should Have Lasted Longer on 'Once Upon a Time'

In a season that hasn't seen the heroes succeed much,  Once Upon a Time offered a big victory for the Charming family in "Awake." Snow and Charming finally awakened from their sleeping curse thanks to a literal town effort. The method that Once Upon a Time used to lift the curse was heartwarming but it might have been just a bit too easy. Once ... more


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