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Aired: Dec 04, 2011 , Sunday at 20:00 on ABC

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Episode Summary: In the real world, David finds himself drawn to Mary Margaret despite Kathryn's wishes. Meanwhile, in the fairy tale world, the man who will become Prince Charming is forced to accept his destiny.
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More Dangerous Than the Dragon

Once Upon a Time is such a delightful addition to Sunday nights. Somehow this fairy tale drama manages to tug at my heart, inspire my imagination and leave me counting the days until the next episode. "The Shepherd" threw us yet another twist. Just when I thought I knew what to expect, the series took my concept of the fairy tale world and turned it upside down. The Prince is dead. Well, that got my attention. When that beast of a man bore his weapon through the Prince's chest, I ... more

The Shepherd

Now Kathryn brings David home and points out that he didn’t like the ugly windmill on the lawn when they first bought it. She takes him inside where their family friends have gathered to greet David on his return home. Dr. Whale is there and encourages him to mingle in the hopes that the smallest thing might trigger his memories. Meanwhile, Emma and Henry are there and Henry explains that David’s amnesia is preventing the curse from giving him false memories. The boy insists that they help him r... more

King Midas Ruins Everything

Tonight on Once Upon a Time, David must make a decision. Should he follow his heart and pick Mary Margaret? Or perhaps he should go with what he knows and pick Kathryn? The true story behind the making of Prince Charming is revealed, as well.Kathryn brings her husband David home to a house full of party guests, with Emma and Henry in attendance. David is still on a mission to help everyone remember who they are. Tonight's target is apparently Prince Charming. After seeing that Mary Margaret failed t... more



'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Does Emma Gain Control of Her Powers?

In a special two-hour event, titled "Smash the Mirror,"  Once Upon a Time delves more into not only the Snow Queen's plan to create the perfect family, but also Emma's magical problem, Rumple's plan to take over the world and Operation Mongoose. Meanwhile, in flashbacks to Arendelle, we find out exactly what happened to Anna. A Long Time Ago in Arendelle After the Snow Queen gains the magical hat from Anna and locks her away, she... more

'Once Upon a Time' Recap: The Snow Queen Makes Some Deals with Rumple

This week's episode of Once Upon a Time, titled "Snow Queen," is all about the Snow Queen's past and why she's so desperate to create a new family for herself. Of course, Rumple has something to do with it, because what doesn't he have something to do with in Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest? In her bid to make Emma and Elsa her family, the Snow Queen essentially Jedi-mind tricks Emma into thinking she's a freak. And Operation Mongoose is still on, according to Regina, who claims she's trying to get over Robin Hood. more

ABC Sets Winter Finales and Returns, Plus 'Agent Carter' Premiere and Trailer

In 2015, ABC is going back in time nearly 70 years with Marvel's Agent Carter. The new eight-part series that serves as a spin-off of the popular Captain America films will debut Tuesday, January 6 at 9pm. ABC also released a new video preview for the new series starring Hayley Atwell at the origins of SHIELD in 1946. Check it out: [YouTube=V13W9gQ_1GA] In addition, ABC has set the finale and return dates for many popular dramas... more


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