Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

Aired: Mar 06, 2014 , Thursday at 20:00 on ABC


Episode Summary: Lizard is granted three wishes after releasing the Knave; peasants seeking revenge abduct the Red Queen; Jafar learns about the Jabberwocky.
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Nothing to Fear

As the bottle tumbles down the river, the Knave tries to brace himself... and then the bottle comes to a halt on shore. Lizard, naked except for a sheet, picks it up and the Knave appears out of it. She hugs him and wonders how he got into the bottle, and the Knave says that it's complicated. He goes off to find Alice and Cyrus, but when Lizard tells him to wait, he's pulled back. The Knave realizes that he has the three wishstones and involuntarily recites the Genie's pledge of service. He realizes that he's a gen... more

Will Gets Rescued, But Not Before Tragedy Strikes

When we last left Wonderland, Alice and Cyrus were finally reunited, while the Red Queen claimed she was switching sides. She also insisted that she had only joined forces with Jafar so he could change the rules of magic to undo the past and take her back to a time when Will still loved her. But before the group could escape, Will and Alice were both hurt in Jafar's attack. When Alice refused to trade their lives for Cyrus' freedom, Will used the wish he was promised to save them both. Alas, because all... more

An Unhappy Wish

It's a new day down the rabbit hole as Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Episode 9 returned with a new genie, a reunited duo, and an even bigger evil.  "Nothing to Fear was a complete misnomer considering all that took place during this hour.  To start off with, Will was now the genie in the bottle and as if that wasn't bad enough he and his bottle were washed down the river. But at least he ended up in friendly hands. I don't t... more



Heart of Gold - Once Upon a Time Mini-Review and Recap

So this week's episode takes a step back from the angst of the Charming and Emma's turning to darkness, and looks at the backstories of... Robin and Zelena the Wicked Witch? Okay... Actually, the episode was somewhat of a throwback to the first couple of seasons, when we found out about people like Ruby and Grumpy and Tinkerbell and Aurora. Instead of every flashback showing us some dark secret or vital life lesson of the Charming family or Rumplestiltskin. Granted, we had a lot of Frozen flashbacks early on, but Disney marketin... more

Cruella De Vil coming to 'Once Upon a Time'?

'Entertainment Weekly' has reported that Victoria Smurfit ('Dracula' ) will be playing "an iconic character' on 'Once Upon a Time' . A recent tweet by actress Victoria Smurfit , since deleted, seems to confirm that she will be playing the villainess Cruella De Vil from Disney... more

'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Who Does the Snow Queen Freeze?

We've got Elsa in with the Charming family now on Once Upon a Time and Regina recognizing her need of Henry. What else could go wrong? Oh yes, Once Upon a Time introduced a new evil character last week that shares the same talent as Elsa. Is she good or bad? From that smirk in the previous episode, I'd say bad, but let's wait and see just how evil she is.   Storybrooke Things are back to normal for everyone but Marian, who's just not fitting in; she's not used to mode... more


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