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Episode Summary: Maddie starts an internship at a recording studio and meets a street musician. Avery struggles while producing a young Internet sensation. Juliette meets her guardian angel.
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Can Deacon and Maddie Work Out Their Issues?

On this episode of Nashville, "Let's Put It Back Together Again," Avery's latest producing job proves more challenging than he anticipated, Juliette finally meets her guardian angel, Maddie meets a talented street performer and a new employee at Highway 65 appears obsessed with Rayna.Avery and Deacon begin working with YouTube sensation Ashley Willerman who is a bit of a diva. Also starting a new job is Maddie who is interning at the recording studio with her dad and Avery. One of her first jobs is... more



'Nashville' Top Moments: Who Caused the Most Trouble in 'Let's Put It Back Together Again'?

On Nashville season 5 episode 3, "Let's Put It Back Together Again," Juliette continues to struggle with her temporary paralysis as she tracks down the woman who saved her the night of the plane crash. Meanwhile, Maddie starts an internship at a studio and struggles to keep her attitude in check as a YouTube sensation, Ashley (Bridgit Mendler), starts recording her first album. Read on for the top five moments of the episode. Juliette and Hallie Seeing Juliette struggl... more

Does Juliette Deserve a Happy Ending on 'Nashville'?

Nashville's Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) has certainly not had an easy go of it in the series' four seasons, and things don't seem to be getting any better in the fifth season that just premiered on CMT. She's not only the survivor of a deadly plane crash that left her temporarily paralyzed from the waist down, it has taken part of her with it. After all she's done, does Juliette deserve to have a happy ending? Does she deserve to end up with Avery and Cadence? What She's Done Ju... more

'Nashville' Season 5: Top 5 Moments from the Season Premiere

Nashville's highly anticipated move to CMT brought about major changes in the direction of the series, and we're not just talking about the absence of Layla and Luke. Juliette's left in a wheelchair recovering from the plane crash that almost took her life, and Rayna is left questioning her direction in life and whether she has anything to say anymore. Check out our top five moments from the Nashville two-hour season premiere! "She saved my life, and I want to say thank you." Juliette is ... more


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