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Episode Summary: Maddie starts an internship at a recording studio and meets a street musician. Avery struggles while producing a young Internet sensation. Juliette meets her guardian angel.
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Can Deacon and Maddie Work Out Their Issues?

On this episode of Nashville, "Let's Put It Back Together Again," Avery's latest producing job proves more challenging than he anticipated, Juliette finally meets her guardian angel, Maddie meets a talented street performer and a new employee at Highway 65 appears obsessed with Rayna.Avery and Deacon begin working with YouTube sensation Ashley Willerman who is a bit of a diva. Also starting a new job is Maddie who is interning at the recording studio with her dad and Avery. One of her first jobs is... more



Top Moments: Juliette Begins an Interesting Path on 'Nashville'

On Nashville season 5 episode 6, "A Little Bit Stronger," one woman began to regain control of her life, while another felt like her control began to slip away. After all she's been through, Hallie takes Juliette to her church, where Juliette begins to feel at peace. Meanwhile in Nashville, Rayna's stalker (the guy that accosted her at Highway 65 Records) made another move toward violating her safety -- and her family's. Wheelin' Dealin' Records It was nice to see Luke Wheeler again, even i... more

Why 'Nashville' Needs to Get Back to the Music

Over the last three seasons, Nashville has lost the commitment it made to viewers to truly explore country music and the life of a country artist living in Nashville, Tennessee. Compared to season 1, the characters are singing far less, and the story has shifted from their dreams and careers to become hyper-focused on their personal lives and how those affect their careers. While that's great, Nashville is about country music and the life of a country artist, and it needs to get back to that. The Series Is Stronger wit... more

Did 'Nashville' Deserve Its New Life on CMT?

After four seasons on ABC, Nashville was cancelled and picked up by CMT. It has aired five episodes on its new home, and while it's nice to see all of our favorite characters again, it's unclear if the show had enough original story left to be worth resurrecting for season 5. A lot of improvements have been made to the music drama, which too often bordered on soap opera, including slowing it down. Every character isn't featured on every episode, but that's a good thing... more


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