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Between Seasons

Episode Summary: Maddie starts an internship at a recording studio and meets a street musician. Avery struggles while producing a young Internet sensation. Juliette meets her guardian angel.
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Let's Put It Back Together Again

As the title suggests, everyone in Nashville is trying to put themselves and their lives back together. On Nashville Season 5 Episode 3, Juliette makes progress in her recovery and starts writing again, Maddie gets back into the studio but not in the way one may expect and Deacon tries to get over the things Maddie said during her emancipation hearing. Juliette and Avery seem a little better. She's still quick to snap at him; after all, that is her default setting but she's also qu... more

Can Deacon and Maddie Work Out Their Issues?

On this episode of Nashville, "Let's Put It Back Together Again," Avery's latest producing job proves more challenging than he anticipated, Juliette finally meets her guardian angel, Maddie meets a talented street performer and a new employee at Highway 65 appears obsessed with Rayna.Avery and Deacon begin working with YouTube sensation Ashley Willerman who is a bit of a diva. Also starting a new job is Maddie who is interning at the recording studio with her dad and Avery. One of her first jobs is... more



10 Most Memorable Moments of 'Nashville' Season 5

Nashville dealt viewers a terrible blow by killing off the Queen of Country, Rayna Jaymes. It was both shocking and tragic.  The rest of season 5 dealt with the effects Rayna's death had on her family, her friends and her struggling Highway 65 record label. Here are the most memorable moments of Nashville season 5. 10. Maddie Performed on the American Music Awards' Stage more

Will Juliette Barnes Ever Mature on 'Nashville'?

Another season of Nashville is over. Yet again, we've seen the highs and lows of Juliette Barnes. Considering her complex character, this isn't that surprising. However, isn't it about time that she matures into a great confidant and icon? We've seen hints that it's possible, but each time she goes back to her old ways. Will Juliette ever fully mature? The Ups and Downs of Juliette Barnes more

'Nashville' Season 6 Premiere Announced

Nashville season 5 ended with the future of Highway 65 in doubt. Unlike the end of season 4, however, the series' future is not up in the air. Nashville was renewed for season 6 about halfway through season 5 and now fans have a time period for when to expect the new season. CMT and Nashville announced that season 6 will air sometime in Januar... more


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