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Episode Summary: Maddie shoots a mascara commercial but takes issue with the direction. Deacon gets invited to play the Opry, but hesitates. Avery and Gunnar embrace life on the road.
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Is This the End of Highway 65?

Everyone is tired in Nashville "Farther On." Nobody can catch a break, and certainly not Maddie. It looks like Highway 65 is in peril, as Deacon finds out he has to make a tough decision. Just where is this going for the season finale next episode?Maddie Learns the Horrible Truth of the BusinessMaddie learns what it's like to be a true superstar in Nashville. If she's not working, she's at a party. And when she is working, she has to deal with commercial directors not happy with any... more

Farther On

Whew. A lot happened in Nashville Season 5 Episode 21. Avery and Juliette fought then made up. Deacon and Zack fought then split up. Jessie did her best to help Deacon, while everyone did their best to help Maddie. It's a lot to cover. Let's start with Maddie. As part of Highway 65's branding effort, she is doing a mascara commercial. The writers of Nashville don't seem to like directors. First Damien, now this guy? He yells be... more



Alannah Is the Perfect Example of How Gunnar Hasn't Grown on 'Nashville'

Gunnar Scott's love life throughout the six seasons of Nashville has been, well, a giant, unbelievable mess. Still, in season 6, we're seeing Gunnar make the same mistakes with Alannah that he made in the beginning with Scarlett, yet he expects different results. It's time for Gunnar to realize his terrible dating habits and attempt to reconcile and move on with his life, starting a fresh chapter musically and personally. Scarlett, Zoey and Alannah Scarlett is Gunnar's greatest love interest, ... more

How 'Nashville' Can Tweak Its Stories to Pique Interest

The stories of Nashville season 6 are progressing just fine, but there's no spark. From Juliette's cult-like mentor helping her with her depression to Maddie's new beau and the terrible side of fame, the stories have the potential to rise to greatness with a few simple changes. Adventures Within the Cult Juliette's story could (and should) be the most interesting aspect of Nashville this season, but it's not, because the story isn't pushing boundaries and creating tension from ... more

Should Deacon Give Daphne a Break on 'Nashville'?

Daphne's reaction to Deacon's new relationship with Jessie is less than ideal, but it's not surprising given the circumstances. She's still grieving the loss of her mother, which is hard enough, and Deacon's new relationship is putting her in a rough position because she's being made out to be the bad guy by not liking Jessie or wanting Deacon to pursue this relationship. But should Deacon be making the effort to understand what Daphne is having a problem with? Why's Daphne Acting Out? Not ... more


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