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Episode Summary: Juliette's injuries continue to plague her; Avery gets a taste of independence. Scarlett and Gunnar shoot a national commercial. Deacon plays a benefit for charity.
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Can Scarlett and Gunnar Safely Get Out of This One?

Deacon continues to struggle with letting go of Rayna in Nashville Season 5, "The Night Before (Life Goes On)." However, the focus this episode is back on Scarlett and Gunnar, as they find themselves in a sticky situation after filming a commercial. Meanwhile, Avery and Juliette turn a corner in their relationship.Juliette Takes the High RoadIt's time for Juliette to get back her star power. The best way to do that is to put on the best show ever, and to do that, she hires Kesha's choreogr... more

The Night Before (Life Goes On)

Sometimes no matter how much you want something, you just can't make it happen. You can't leave hoping to find it somewhere else or stay hoping it will magically happen on its own. On Nashville Season 5 Episode 18, Avery searches for the person he used to be, Deacon tries to speed up his grief, and Scarlett and Gunnar face a harsh truth in their relationship. On Nashville Season 5 Episode 17 Avery finally made a decision for himself — he decided to go out on tour. ... more



'Nashville' Poll: Who Should Be the Show's Next Diva?

Nashville's bleak storylines over the past few seasons have provided enough material for about 100 country songs (take notice Taylor Swift), but die-hard fans probably remember how much fun the show used to be when it centered around the lives and loves of two dueling divas: the down-home grande dame of country, Rayna Jaymes, and the up-and-coming bad girl, Juliette Barnes. When these two weren't going toe-to-toe with each other and anyone who stood in the way of their ambitions personal or professional, they were onstage clad in sequins and sk... more

Is It Too Soon for Deacon to Move on with a New Relationship on 'Nashville'?

Nashville Season 5, Episode 17 hinted at the idea of Deacon moving on. First a neighbor appeared, obviously flirting with the recently widowed man. Second, Deacon and new singer Jessie connected with a shared past. Many fans have questioned the idea of Deacon moving on from Rayna, making it very clear that it is just too soon. Is that really the case? Rayna Was Deacon's True Love If you believe in one-true-loves and soul mates, then you know that Rayn... more

Has 'Nashville' Found a Star in Hallie Jordan?

With the premiere of Nashville season 5 came Hallie Jordan (Rhiannon Giddons) as Juliette's savior after her plane crash; she was the woman who found Juliette, and sang to her to try to get her to stay awake until the ambulance could get there. Without her, Juliette may be dead. From there, they struck up a friendship. Hallie has become a main character after Rayna's death, and she's a Highway 65 recording artist, but is she compelling enough to follow? Her Story Her story thus far has revolved ar... more


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