Aired: Oct 30, 2013 , Wednesday at 22:00 on ABC

Between Seasons

Episode Summary: Rayna sets the record straight on all things personal and professional in a candid interview with ABC News' Robin Roberts. Determined to be her own boss, Rayna attends the Belle Meade Polo Match to seek out investors for her own label, Highway 65, but is surprised by the reaction from Nashville's elite. Meanwhile, Juliette, who is also at the event, runs int more
...o Charlie Wentworth, and Luke Wheeler and Deacon have an awkward encounter. With her life about to change dramatically, Scarlett leans on Avery for advice, and Teddy announces to the press that he and Peggy are getting married
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Hats, Horses and Hook-Ups Galore

Why Miss Rayna, what a big hat you have! The better to watch polo with, apparently. If Nashville knows how to do one thing other than singing, it's making incredible fashion statements -- a fact that is further proven during this week's episode, titled "It Must Be You." But it's not all fun and polo games. Things start to get way more complicated as our favorite characters find themselves making something other than music with each other, if you catch my drift. Suffice to say, drama isn't too far behi... more



'Nashville' Season 3 Finale Recap: Major Changes Ahead for All

On the season 3 finale of Nashville, "Before You Go Make Sure You Know," Deacon finally undergoes a liver transplant, Juliette's personal and professional lives are turned upside down, Will makes a big decision, Teddy isn't embracing his role as an informant and Layla discovers Jeff has been keeping a secret. Juliette returns home after a 36 hour recording session with a completed new album, if not an improved attitude. Avery wants to talk, but Juliette's on her way out th... more

ABC's 2015-2016 Schedule: 'The Muppets' Come to Tuesdays

Following NBC and FOX, ABC is the third network to reveal its schedule for the 2015-2016 schedule. Surprisingly, ABC may have the most stable schedule, with most returning shows staying in their same time slots. In fact, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are exactly the same as this past year. However, the fall lineup for ABC does have two new comedies and three new dramas. The Muppets are coming back to TV in a big way Tuesdays at 8pm, leading into the second season of Fresh Off th... more

ABC Renews 'Castle,' 'SHIELD' and 20 Others, Cancels 'Forever' and 3 More

ABC had an extremely busy night on Thursday, cancelling four shows while renewing 22 others for the 2015-2016 season. Freshman shows Forever and Cristela, as well as Resurrection and reality competition The Taste, have all been cancelled. As for renewals, ABC is keeping a whole lot of sh... more


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