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Episode Summary: An NCIS person of interest in a bribery and fraud case is found murdered after a runner is led to his body by a strange voice. Also, McGee and Delilah disagree on whether to find out the baby's sex or keep it a surprise.
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In a rather unusual turn of events, much of the emotional heft and drama of NCIS Season 15 Episode 8 actually rested not on a main cast member, but guest star Laura Regan. Regan portrayed Amber Davis, a woman who initially seemed to be an unfortunate hiker who just happened to find a dead body...until she claimed to be hearing the voice of the dead man. Amber's inclusion in the case as a psychic witness felt extremely forced and awkward, especially coming in the way it did from Dir... more

What is the Sex of McGee and Delilah's Baby?

Last time on NCIS,Gibbs faced a dilemma that crushed him between loyalty and the truth. Gibbs chose the truth, even though it has obvious consequences for Agent Fornell. In this episode of NCIS, titled "Voices," the team tackles a spooky case as McGee and Delilah try to decide whether or not to find out their baby's gender. I, personally, am hoping for a little girl.Voices CarryThe episode kicks off with a runner, Amber, listening to her earbuds while running around a lak... more



Is Jack's Personality Too Hard to Connect to on 'NCIS'?

While fans were excited to see Maria Bello join the cast of NCIS, there's no denying that her character Jack isn't a major fan favorite. There are too many questions about her to know if we should trust her or not. However, it's not the questions that prevent us from connecting to her. It's her personality that's difficult to like. She Doesn't Connect with the Team Enough Right now, everyone fears that Jack is profiling them. She certainly a... more

'NCIS' Poll: Does Gibbs Owe Fornell an Apology?

When Agent Tobias Fornell returned to NCIS, fans didn't expect to hate him for a while. An 11-year-old case resurfaced, along with a mistake he made that could have sent an innocent man to prison. He ignored a crucial piece of information from a witness statement. Gibbs was angry when he found out and ended up telling the judge exactly what had happened, but it may have been a big mistake. Gibbs soon realized that Fornell's instincts had been right. Does Gibbs owe Fornell an apology for his act... more

[WATCH] 'NCIS' Sneak Peek: Was a Convicted Felon Framed for Murder by NCIS?

Joe Spano returns as Senior FBI Agent Fornell in this NCIS episode, but the case may mean bad news for his career. In "Burden of Proof," a convicted felon swears NCIS framed him for murder a decade ago, and Gibbs starts his own investigation, beginning with a new autopsy by Ducky. Fornell joins the team since he was the lead investigator in the original joint investigation. Watch the promo for "Burden of Proof": [YouTube=HoH7ySIC6Tw] Check out a sneak peek as Gibb... more




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