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Episode Summary: The stress of McGee and Delilah's imminent wedding takes its toll, as Delilah is rushed to the hospital. Also, the NCIS team travels out to sea after a young and healthy Petty Officer aboard a Navy destroyer dies in his sleep.
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Something Blue

They tried, I'll give them that. They really tried to fake us out that Delilah would be facing health problems in NCIS Season 14 Episode 23. But I rather figured out their twist by about 9:01 p.m. last Tuesday. Would it be realistic and/or believable for Delilah to have secondary issues stemming from the injuries that left her paralyzed? Sure. The timing, coming as it did in the penultimate episode, even lent a little weight. But they still didn't pull one over on me this time. ... more

How Do McGee and Delilah Surprise the Team?

Last time on NCIS, the team cracked the case of a smuggling ring dealing in expensive and exotic meat smuggled in from Africa. Gibbs also bonded with a female member of the Mounted Park Police. This episode of NCIS, titled "Something Blue," sees the team investigating a puzzling case of the death of an otherwise healthy man on a Navy destroyer and dealing with matrimonial meltdowns and stress as McGee and Delilah prep for their wedding. I love a good wedding and can hardly wait for this one!... more



'NCIS' Poll: Are You Sad Jennifer Esposito Is Leaving After Only One Season?

NCIS ended up bringing on three new series regulars in season 14 after Michael Weatherly left, leading to quite a full team, even with one only working with them sometimes, but that's not going to continue in season 15. That's a good thing, because something had to change, but did Alex Quinn have to be the one to go? Sadly, that's going to be the case, as Jennifer Esposito is leaving the CBS drama after only one s... more

Did 'NCIS' Season 14 Successfully Balance the Old and the New?

After losing someone who had been around since the show's beginning in Michael Weatherly's Tony DiNozzo at the end of season 13, NCIS brought in three new characters this year: Clayton Reeves (who was introduced last season), Nick Torres and Alex Quinn. And what resulted was quite the change -- for the team, for the show and for these characters as well. McGee was the new Senior Field Agent. The team gained two new me... more

Why You Should Have Seen That 'NCIS' Season 14 Finale Cliffhanger Coming

Gibbs, McGee and Torres headed to Paraguay to rescue a Navy SEAL in the NCIS season 14 finale. However, upon arrival, they discovered that the SEAL was trying to save kids who had been taken by rebels to be trained as child soldiers, and by the end of "Rendezvous," Gibbs and McGee were in quite a bit of trouble. Here are the moments that hinted at that season finale cliffhanger. It Was Time for McGee to "Be a Fantastic Agent" While Abby was alread... more


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