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Episode Summary: The stress of McGee and Delilah's imminent wedding takes its toll, as Delilah is rushed to the hospital. Also, the NCIS team travels out to sea after a young and healthy Petty Officer aboard a Navy destroyer dies in his sleep.
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Something Blue

They tried, I'll give them that. They really tried to fake us out that Delilah would be facing health problems in NCIS Season 14 Episode 23. But I rather figured out their twist by about 9:01 p.m. last Tuesday. Would it be realistic and/or believable for Delilah to have secondary issues stemming from the injuries that left her paralyzed? Sure. The timing, coming as it did in the penultimate episode, even lent a little weight. But they still didn't pull one over on me this time. ... more

How Do McGee and Delilah Surprise the Team?

Last time on NCIS, the team cracked the case of a smuggling ring dealing in expensive and exotic meat smuggled in from Africa. Gibbs also bonded with a female member of the Mounted Park Police. This episode of NCIS, titled "Something Blue," sees the team investigating a puzzling case of the death of an otherwise healthy man on a Navy destroyer and dealing with matrimonial meltdowns and stress as McGee and Delilah prep for their wedding. I love a good wedding and can hardly wait for this one!... more



NCIS Season 15 Episode 2 Photos Twofer

“Twofer” – NCIS is called in to investigate when the body of a missing Navy Lieutenant who disappeared a year and a half ago is located by a cemetery grounds crew while they are relocating caskets on the property. Also, Gibbs and McGee must pass a psych evaluation with Doctor Grace Confalone (Laura San Giacomo) before officially resuming all work responsibilities, on NCIS , Tuesday, Oct. 3 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/... more

[WATCH] 'NCIS' Season 15 Preview: The Search for Gibbs and McGee Is On

NCIS season 14 ended with Gibbs and McGee fighting for their lives in Paraguay, and two months later, it looks like nothing has changed. The season 15 premiere, "House Divided," picks up with the team still searching for the missing agents, while Vance and Torres will have to answer questions regarding the fallout from the Paraguay mission at a congressional hearing. But that's not all that's coming up, as Maria Bello is joining the cast as a new series regular, Special... more

Maria Bello Joins NCIS Cast

Maria Bello Joins NCIS Cast CBS announced today that Maria Bello has joined the cast of NCIS as a series regular and will be introduced in the season’s fourth episode. The 15th season of NCIS premieres Tuesday, Sept. 26 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT). Bello will play an NCIS agent who was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the army and serve... more


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