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Aired: Apr 23, 2017 , Sunday at 21:00 on CBS

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Episode Summary: After a highly decorated Navy Captain, Charles Langston, kidnaps a Veterans Affairs administrator who has been siphoning funds, the NCIS team must work with Hetty's former Vietnam War colleagues, now-retired Admiral AJ Chegwidden and Admiral Sterling Bridges to solve the case.
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A Case Brings Up Hetty's Past and the Return of Chegwidden

This NCIS: Los Angeles episode could have been titled "We're Going to Make You Miss Granger Even More Than You Already Do." While "Battle Scars" may begin with the kidnapping of a Veterans Affairs administrator, that guy is such a jerk that it's worth it for the perkiest FBI agent to show up a second time in the episode, and it's easy to forget him once Hetty's former Vietnam War colleagues (including Chegwidden) show up.That's when we get a brief update on Granger -- no one's heard from him -- and the... more

Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 21 Review

Just what NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 needed. It was an all-star caper on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 21. I say all-star because it brought Hetty's Vietnam War-era band back together. Most importantly, this meant a return of A.J. Chegwidden, of JAG, fame, last seen in NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 15. He was winningly accompanied by another retired admiral, Sterling Bridges, and watching the two of them bicker was like watching future Sam and Callen. more



[WATCH] 'NCIS: Los Angeles' Sneak Peek: Who Wants Callen's Father?

Callen's family returns in NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 16, and he's going to have to save his father. In "Warrior of Peace," Callen pursues every alternative when the Diplomatic Security Service apprehends his father, Nikita Aleksandr Reznikov, as part of an exchange for two American photographers being held hostage in Iran. Watch the promo for "Warrior of Peace": [YouTube=L_lwooWkzoE] Find out who wants Callen's father: ... more

Why Mosley's Plan for the 'NCIS: Los Angeles' Team Will Fail

As discussed in "Liabilities," Mosley has a plan for the NCIS: Los Angeles team, and it's one that likely involves splitting them up in the near future. But could their success working together for her -- and Hetty back as operations manager -- change that? It should. The divide between Mosley and the team has been there since her introduction and remains there through season 9 episode 15 -- and it doesn't look like that's going to change, especially with Hetty back... more

[WATCH] 'NCIS: Los Angeles' Sneak Peek: Is an Underground Spy Planning a Massive Bombing?

Now that the team has rescued Hetty, the agents can refocus on saving Los Angeles -- and they're going to need to in NCIS: LA season 9 episode 15. In "Liabilities," Callen and Sam pull Granger's daughter, former spy Jennifer Kim, from witness protection to help the team locate an underground spy who has obtained an arsenal of bomb materials. Watch the promo for "Liabilities": [YouTube=ku6fGdUkLl0] Watch Sam and Callen have to run for their lives: [YouTube=xJoUPC2KCAY] After checki... more


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