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This mockumentary explores the many different types of a modern family through the stories of a gay couple, comprised of Mitchell and Cameron, and their daughter Lily, a straight couple, comprised of Phil and Claire, and their three kids, Haley, Alex, and Luke, and a multi-ethnic couple, which is comprised of Jay and Gloria, and her son Manny.
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Modern Family: SEASON 9, EPISODE 15: Spanks for the Memories | TVBuzer

Aired: March 07,2018

When Jay overhears Gloria on the phone talking about spanking, he assumes she is frustrated in the bedroom. Now that Mitchell has an amazing new job, he and Cam throw a party to rub it in Cam's friends' faces so they can no longer give him "the look of pity."... more

Modern Family LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


Spanks For The Memories

On Modern Family Season 9 Episode 14, Jay and Gloria are going through a romantic dry spell, Mitch is excited about a new job and Alex is stressing about a new internship with M.I.T. For the second week in a row, we're focused on Jay and Gloria's sex-life. Maybe the whole role-playing thing last week didn't do the trick? It's not the storyline I'm used to from these two, and I have to say I'm not too crazy about it. Mitch: Who are these men? more

Written In The Stars

On Modern Family Season 9 Episode 15, it's Valentine's Day. While Phil tries to help Jay spice up his night with some role play, Mitch and Cam help get Luke stood up. Meanwhile, Haley is on a date with Alex's professor and crush. Valentine's Day episodes on Modern Family usually center around Claire and Phil and their alter egos, Julianna and Clive Bixby. Last Valentine's Day, when the episode air, I'm pretty sure I let out a loud groan. There must have been a ripple in the writer's stud... more

The Long Goodbye

Manny finally went to college. It's been a long time coming. Especially considering he's basically a 30 year old stuck in a 15 year old's body. On Modern Family Season 9 Episode 2, Manny takes a big step forward while Hayley takes a big step... sideways? Manny wanted nothing but a short, unemotional good bye. He's been trying to act more mature, and not crying in front of his new roommate is a good start, but Gloria struggled with this. He... more



Modern Family: MODERN FAMILY Season 9 Episode 13 Photos In Your Head News | TVBuzer

MODERN FAMILY Season 9 Episode 13 Photos In Your Head

MODERN FAMILY – “In Your Head” – When Luke goes missing after a night out in a sketchy neighborhood, Manny, Phil and Gloria team up to track him down. Meanwhile, Haley is desperate to land an interview with the creator of a popular lifestyle website and interrupts Alex during one of her college classes. Alex’s professor, Arvin Fennerman (Chris Geere), then proceeds to try and give Haley a piece of his mind on “Modern Family,” WEDNESDAY, JAN. 17 (9:00-9:31 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Ron Tom) more

Modern Family: MODERN FAMILY Season 9 Episode 12 Photos Dear Beloved Family News | TVBuzer

MODERN FAMILY Season 9 Episode 12 Photos Dear Beloved Family

MODERN FAMILY – “Dear Beloved Family” – “Modern Family” celebrates its milestone 200th episode! Gloria has to rush Phil to the hospital for an emergency surgery after he experiences some intense stomach pains and rallies the entire family to be by his side on “Modern Family,” WEDNESDAY, JAN. 10 (9:00-9:31 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright) more

Modern Family: MODERN FAMILY Season 9 Episode 11 Photos He Said, She Shed News | TVBuzer

MODERN FAMILY Season 9 Episode 11 Photos He Said, She Shed

MODERN FAMILY – “He Said, She Shed” – Claire’s request to build a “She Shed” in their backyard is denied by the homeowners association and only Luke and Phil know the real reason why. Meanwhile Pameron lets Cam in on a family secret that forces him to visit Mitch’s therapist to work through this new information on “Modern Family,” WEDNESDAY, JAN. 3 (9:00-9:31 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Eric McCandless) more


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    #ModernFamily is the BEST show of all time. It takes you for a ride which you don't want to get off of even though it has some twists and turns. It is the most hilarioous , most thrilling adventure to show us the way of the modern family. I love the way they all act especially GLORIA and CAMERON!!!! I HAVE FINISHED ALL THE 7 SEASONS AND 146 EPISODES IN LIKE 2 - 3 MONTHS!!!


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