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Welcome to a place where being normal is really quite strange. In a remote Texas town no one is who they seem. From vampires and witches to psychics and hit men, Midnight is a mysterious safe haven for those who are different. As the town members fight off outside pressures from rowdy biker gangs, ever-suspicious cops and their own dangerous pasts, they band together and form a more
... strong and unlikely family.
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Midnight, Texas: SEASON 1, EPISODE 10: The Virgin Sacrifice | TVBuzer

Aired: September 18,2017

With Hell literally about to erupt onto Witch Light Road, and Fiji about to be claimed by the Demon who has been tormenting her, Manfred leads the Midnighters to take back their home from the evil forces that occupy it. As Bobo turns his attention to saving Fiji, Olivia and Creek confront the wraiths. Manfred focuses on killing the demon and closin... more

Midnight, Texas LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


Season 1 Finale Do the Midnighters Get a Happy Ending?

During Midnight, Texas season 1, Manfred came to Midnight, running from his grifter past, on the advice of his dead gypsy grandmother, Xylda. Creek and Manfred broke up (sort of), got back together and then broke up again. Also, Manfred is the prophesied "savior" who's meant to fight demons and save the world once the veil tears completely.Midnight sits on the border between this world and the next, and the veil between good and evil is exceptionally thin here. The veil has frayed, and the... more

Riders on the Storm

So Fiji is a virgin, and the cat is still alive. We delved into Fiji's backstory on Midnight, Texas Season 1 Episode 9 in order to understand exactly why Kokonar is so interested in her and got a whopper load of information. And while Mr. Snuggly was willing to sacrifice his life for the cause, he didn't go anywhere – much to his chagrin. Aren't you all relieved? I actually found Mr. Snuggly rather amusing this hour. I especially enjoyed when he told Fiji... more

Will the Midnighters Survive the Apocalypse?

Okay folks. The apocalypse has arrived in Midnight, Texas, and it's all hands on deck. However, in "Riders on the Storm" Fiji is holding back a huge secret that could change everything and holds the key to solving their latest perils. Meanwhile, Manfred steps up as the leader, but then quickly realizes he's outmatched and outsources his world-saving duties. Times are getting tough for our Midnighters as more and more terrible, awful, scary stuff keeps happening.The Sandstorm more



Midnight, Texas: 'Midnight, Texas' Renewed for Season 2 with New Showrunners News | TVBuzer

'Midnight, Texas' Renewed for Season 2 with New Showrunners

NBC has renewed Midnight, Texas for a second season. Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder, who served as consulting producers in season 1, will be stepping up as showrunners as series creator Monica Owusu-Breen exits the show. Midnight, Texas Season 1 Finale Recap: Do the Midnighters Get a Happy Ending? Based on the book series by ... more

Midnight, Texas: These Are the 8 Must Watch Shows of Summer 2017 News | TVBuzer

These Are the 8 Must Watch Shows of Summer 2017

There is so much good TV premiering this summer, it's hard to know where to begin. Lucky for you, we've compiled a concise list of the eight most promising television events of the season. This is, by no means, a comprehensive list, but these shows are ones you definitely shouldn't miss.  I Love Dick    When and where: Amazon, airing now Starring: Kevin Bacon and Katherine Hahn more


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