Law & Order: SVU

Aired: Feb 08, 2017 , Wednesday at 21:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: In the series 400th episode, a teenaged boy uses a rifle to stop an assault on his mother, but soon learns the target was someone he knows.
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NBC Renews 'Law & Order: SVU' for Season 19

Many shows come and go, but Law & Order: SVU has been a constant on NBC for years. And that's going to continue into the 2017-2018 TV season because the network has renewed the crime drama for season 19. For comparison, the original Law & Order ran for 20 seasons. That series and Gunsmoke hold the record for the longest-running drama series. &n... more

Here's the TV Dream Team We'd Want Solving Our Crimes

From Bones to the classic Law & Order: SVU, the criminal and legal shows on prime-time television are a dream come true for a self-proclaimed investigator like me and other fans who tune in faithfully each week. It's no secret that there are plenty of these shows to go around. Plus I loved it when series like Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, and Law & Order: SVU more

6 Times TV Shows Tackled Real-Life Issues Perfectly

While so much of television can be full of fluff with no real meaning, it's refreshing and inspiring when a show tackles real and sometimes uncomfortable social issues. There are certain shows which don't shy away from our current social, political and economic climates, but face them head-on. For many viewers, it can be inspiring to see their stories get told. Here are six times we've seen some major real-life issues perfectly articulated on television. 1. Black Lives Matter on more


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