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Genre: Crime

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A high-impact, serialized crime drama that follows the Green family as they plunge into the underbelly of the Los Angeles diamond trade. Jake and Freddy are half-brothers brought together by their father Isaac, the patriarch behind Green & Green Diamonds, and their uncle Cam. After wild-card Freddy kills a prominent diamond dealer, his brother Jake must bail him out and save th more
...e family business from a crime lord of the Los Angeles Diamond trade.
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Ice (2016) Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Ice (2016) Episode Guide


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AIRED ON May 23,2018

Season 2: Episode 9

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AIRS ON May 30,2018

Season 2: Episode 10


  • Season 2
  • Season 1
    • Stand Off
      Episode 10
      With Pieter holding Ava hostage, Jake and Freddy must come together to save her; the investigation into Pieter begins to close in on Green &...
    • The Cut
      Episode 9
      Jake and Cam are on opposite sides after Vincent's murder brings the conflict between Lady Rah and Pieter to head; and Freddy and Ava try to...
    • Side Trip
      Episode 8
      Jake and Lady Rah form an uneasy alliance against Pieter. Freddy and Ava work together to gain access to a Russian diamond syndicate. Cam's ...
    • Clarity
      Episode 7
      Freddy and Jake attend an underground diamond auction. Pieter and Cam meet with a Venezuelan diplomat about re-opening an abandoned mine. Th...
    • Facet
      Episode 6
      While Cam and Pieter scheme to gain control of Green & Green, Ava takes a bigger role in the family business against Jake's wishes. In the w...
    • 12/14/16
      The Green family comes together for a funeral, which brings long simmering tensions to the surface. A mysterious diamond dealer with ties to...
    • 12/07/16
      Jake and Freddy smuggle Lady Rah's diamonds into Vancouver, but things don't go as planned. Cam and Isaac butt heads over the direction Gree...
    • The Line
      Episode 3
      Lady Rah sends Jake and Freddy to get illegal diamonds certified and ready for sale, but things get complicated when Isaac gets involved....
    • 11/23/16
      In an attempt to get out from under Lady Rah, Jake plots a heist at the San Pedro docks with disastrous consequences....
    • Hyenas
      Episode 1
      After a terrible accident, two brothers from a prestigious Los Angeles diamond family find themselves forced to work for a dangerous blood-d...
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