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Episode Summary: Annalise takes on a case for the greater good and quickly realizes the stakes are much higher than she originally thought. Meanwhile, Laurel asks Michaela to help get information regarding Wes' death and Connor makes a major life decision that is not supported by the group. In a flash-forward, a surprising confrontation during the night of the crime is revea more
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Annalise Loses a "Friend" and Connor Makes a Bold Decision

In the third episode of season 4 of How to Get Away with Murder, titled "It's For the Greater Good," Annalise takes on a new case, but soon realizes that the stakes are much higher than she believed. Meanwhile, Laurel wants Michaela to use her new job at Caplan & Gold to investigate her father's role in Wes' murder, Connor makes a major decision that his friends do not support, and Michaela shows off her competitive spirit at work.Annalise Takes On A New ClientWith her reputation in th... more

It's For the Greater Good

Annalise Keating is on a mission to redeem herself, but only where her career is concerned. In all other aspects of her life, she does not give a damn what people think of her.  On How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 3, the disgraced lawyer took on the pro bono case of Ben Carter, and it was a heartbreaking one at that.  Annalise knows how to play the jury, so it did not surprise me in the slightest that she would claim there was a bias against her client because of the... more



'How to Get Away with Murder' Showrunner on That New Character and 'Clean Slates' in Possible Season 5

How to Get Away with Murder's fourth season finale attempted to answer some of the show's biggest mysteries but also left fans with plenty of questions to ponder: Who is Gabriel Maddox? Whose kid is he? What happened to Lauren's mother? And what's next for Michaela following her unexpected Annalise-inspired move? While we wait for the Shondaland drama's renewal, series creator Pete Nowalk shares his thoughts on what a possible fifth season would look like, including one of the biggest mysteries next season. Season 5, which s... more

'How to Get Away with Murder' OMG Moment: What Happened to Laurel's Mother?

It wouldn't be a How to Get Away with Murder season finale without several twists and turns and many questions that need answers ASAP, and while the title may be "Nobody Else Is Dying," we don't know if someone wasn't killed off-screen before everything went down. But the mystery of what happened to Laurel's mother isn't the only mystery and big moment of the season 4 finale. Michaela made a move against Annalise, someone was arrested and we met s... more

'How to Get Away with Murder' OMG Moment: Who Could Be Dead?

How to Get Away with Murder may have answered the question of who was responsible for Wes' death in "The Day Before He Died," but there was enough going on in the penultimate episode of the season that it might not have been the most shocking moment. Why not? Well, there's the fact that someone else could be dead by episode's end, the crossover hookup didn't remain a secret for long and Simon remembered a lot more than everyone hoped. But which was th... more


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