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Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning documentarian Joe Berlinger has teamed up with Spike to shed new light on a growing number of unsolved murders that have cast a dark shadow over a small Ohio town. Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio.
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Gone: The Forgotten Women Of Ohio Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Gone: The Forgotten Women Of Ohio Episode Guide


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AIRED ON September 16,2017

Season 1: Episode 8


  • Season 1
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 09/16/17 AT 08:00 PM ON Spike TV

      Gone: The Forgotten Women Of Ohio Season 1 Episode 8: And Justice for All? | TVBuzer
      In the series finale, investigators reveal what they have uncovered to the victim's families. The next generation is inspirational in battli...
    • 09/09/17
      Investigators meet with law enforcement to facilitate a search warrant for a possible murder victim's burned remains while staying suspiciou...
    • 08/26/17
      As Dollar Bill seems to be informing on fellow dealers in a federal drug case, his associates start coming forward with critical information...
    • 08/19/17
      Investigators track Dollar Bill to Portsmouth, N.H., ground zero for a deadly heroin epidemic; another missing woman leaves behind a shockin...
    • 08/12/17
      Tracking Dollar Bill's ruthless drug empire leads investigators to Columbus where they find two more missing women and evidence of a brutal ...
    • Deadly Tracks
      Episode 3
      The opioid epidemic rages as the town sends out a SWAT team to bust the dealers; a jailhouse informant reveals new persons of interest; a ph...
    • As three more women disappear, the town becomes fearful of a serial killer; Joe and Angela enlist the help of criminal profiler Steve Bongar...
    • 07/22/17
      Something is rotten in Chillicothe, Ohio. In just 13 months six women have gone missing, four have turned up dead. Filmmaker Joe Berlinger a...
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